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Upcoming Events

Fundamentals of Light and Lasers Online
iGETT - Remote Sensing Varies
PV Conceptual Design Online Online
Basic Photovoltaics (Solar Electricity) Online Online
Introduction to Wind Systems Online Online
SAMPE 2013 Long Beach, CA
DHS Cyber Student Initiative Varies
Project WET Bridgewater, MA
Hands-On Introduction to Nanotechnology for Educators State College, PA
Pressure Sensor Cleanroom Workshop Tampa, FL
Basic Photovoltaics (Solar Electricity) Milwaukee, WI
Designing a Corporate College Online
PV Site Assessor Training Milwaukee, WI
Beginner FPGA Workshop Tampa, FL
Intermediate Photovoltaics Milwaukee, WI
Genomic Approaches in BioSciences Tulsa, OK
PV Site Assessment Instruction Online Online
WomenTech Educators Training Florence, SC
Rapid.Tech 2013 Erfurt, Germany
PV Design and Installation Lab Milwaukee, WI
Trends in Nano: Careers and Workforce Needs Online
Beginner Microcontroller Workshop Tampa, FL
Healing in the Nano City Phoenix, AZ
Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Elkhorn, CA
Advanced iPhone/iPad Applications Development for Teachers Madison, WI
CCNA 1 & 2 Exploration Instructor Certification (CCAI) for Teachers Madison, WI
Working Connections IT Faculty Development Institute Springfield, IL
NAWI Conference 2013 Indianapolis, IN
Photovoltaic Technology Instructor Institute Online
WOW! Wonders of Wetlands Bridgewater, MA
Biofuels Workforce Summit Honolulu, HI
Association for Psychological Science 25th Annual Convention Washington, DC
Population & Evolutionary Genetics Hilo, HI
VMware VIEW: Install, Configure, Manage Palos Hills, IL

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Resources in Stem Cell Technologies

From Bio-Link:

California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) Stem Cell Basics Videos

This collection of videos, from the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine, features researchers as they "explain the basics of stem cell research and discuss the many hurdles in translating the basic research into new therapies." Some of the topics covered here include: creating embryonic stem cell lines, therapies based on cancer stem cells, therapy development, stem cell differentiation, ethics, and more.

Embryonic Stem Cell Course (Stanford)

These instructional materials were developed with support from the National Science Foundation and have been used in embryonic stem cell courses at Stanford and at San Francisco State University. Materials include Laboratory Protocols for both mouse and human embryonic stem cells, Lectures, Activities and Assessments. A Bioethics activity includes extensive readings. Two syllabi are provided to illustrate scheduling. Individual lectures and activity modules are well-suited for integration into existing bioscience or biotechnology courses. Anyone may access the sample syllabi; however, a Bio-Link log in is required for additional materials, including protocols, lectures, activities, and assessments.

BioInteractive Classroom Activities

This collection of classroom activities from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute is a useful stop for biology educators teaching topics such as stem cells, viruses, evolution, biodiversity, heredity, and molecular biology. Each activity accompanies a particular HHMI lecture series, all of which can be found here. There are many components to each of the eleven activities, including teacher materials, primers, games, presentations, activities, data sheets, and more.



Celebrating 20 Years of the ATE Program

In 1993, the National Science Foundation created the Advanced Technological Education Program to support, develop, and expand the education available to aspiring STEM technicians. Since those first grants, the program has grown steadily: it now supports 45 centers and 229 projects in the United States and US territories, all of which are dedicated to improving the education of America's technical workforce. ATE is currently the largest community college focused investment in the National Science Foundation's portfolio. As the importance of STEM education grabs the national spotlight, the ATE program continues to grow and fill the gap between supply of and demand for highly trained, ready-to-work technicians.

As a part of this 20-year celebration, ATE Central is partnering with the community as a whole to produce a booklet and blog that will capture the breadth and impact of ATE projects and centers. Stay tuned over the coming months for PI and alumni interviews, stories, photos, and more that showcase ATE projects and centers at their finest. Following the blog, which will debut on the ATE Central site in May, ATE@20 will also be responsible for a 48-page booklet, to be released at the ATE PI meeting in October. This booklet will be available to all projects and centers free of charge, and feature a full-color history of ATE, stories from within the program, and data about the ATE program's long-lasting impacts. The ATE@20 blog and booklet will help connect ATE to new audiences, and support ongoing relationships with STEM educators, institutional administration, industry partners, and government leaders.

In order to complete this project, however, we need you! We are currently collecting stories and photographs to feature in the booklet and blog. Please contact us at if you have anything you would like to contribute. We look forward to sharing our community's accomplishments with a wider audience. Our mission is to highlight and amplify the fantastic work being done daily by ATE projects and centers across the nation.

Community Connection


Keeping Up with the ATE Community's Events Calendar

It's been a busy few months for ATE. Projects and centers have shared dozens of events spanning the full breadth and depth of the ATE community. For those of you who will be taking advantage of the summer months to attend webinars, classes, and conferences (not to mention plan your schedule for fall), we highly recommend setting aside a few minutes to peruse the ATE Central Events Calendar. Users can currently browse the events by month, or use their browsers' find function to look for specific keywords.

In addition, the Activity Reports that are distributed at the end of each quarter contain a list of events that are tailored to match your project or center's ATE area. It is our hope that recipients can make use of those lists in considering which events to attend. Finally, the free ATE Central Events Widget offers users a way to add a highly customizable, frequently updated events calendar to their site.

Even if you're not planning to travel in the near future, we encourage you to look for webinars, online classes, or the myriad other remote events conducted by or relevant to ATE projects and centers. With over 150 upcoming events, there's sure to be something out there for everyone.

Did you know?

According to the 2011 EvaluATE survey, ATE projects and centers collaborated with 9,730 organizations nationwide.

News & Reminders

May 31: Last Day for Early Bird HI-TEC Registration

The High-Impact Technology Exchange Conference (HI-TEC) has become a mainstay of the ATE community conference circuit. As a national conference focused on advanced technological education in a variety of disciplines, co-produced by a consortium of ATE centers and projects, HI-TEC is a great place to meet ATE colleagues, find out what other projects and centers are doing, keep up with new technologies, and make connections with industry. Early bird registration is now open, but closes May 31, so if you are planning to attend, register early!

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