ATE Impacts 2024-2025 book cover

About the ATE Impacts Book

ATE Impacts 2024-2025 is available free-of-charge to anyone who wishes to use it in conducting outreach around the ATE program's successes.

Free print copies of the ATE Impacts book, to distribute on your campus, to you industry partners, or elsewhere can be obtained via the book request form.

Already have copies and want to tell us how you've used them?  Please fill out our brief survey to help us understand more about the impacts of the book.   

Want even more Advanced Technological Education?  Visit the ATE Impacts Blog, for more stories about the fantastic work done by the ATE community every day!

ATE Impacts 2024-2025 Flipbook

ATE Impacts 2024-2025 (PDF, 133 MB)
ATE Impacts 2024-2025 (Reduced Size) (PDF, 49 MB)

ATE Program Overview Brief (PDF, 4.1 MB)
ATE Program Overview Brief (Press-Ready) (PDF, 3.9 MB)

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Past Editions

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ATE Impacts 2022-2023 Flipbook
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ATE Impacts 2022-2023 (Reduced Size) (PDF, 50 MB)


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ATE Impacts 2020-2021 Flipbook
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