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In This Issue

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Featured Resources on Educational Pathways

From The Supply Chain for Middle-Skill Jobs:

Apprenticeship Pathways: Comparative Lessons in developing Apprenticeships that Work

These slides are from a presentation given by Andrea Messing-Mathie at the Symposium on the Supply Chain for Middle-Skill Jobs: Education, Training, and Certification Pathways. This presentation discusses apprenticeship systems. The main slide topics of the presentation include Interest in cross-national learning, "Learn and Earn," Dual-Study Model, A Framework for Developing Apprenticeship Systems, and more. These presentation slides are available free for download.

From National CyberWatch Center:

Transfer Pathways in Cybersecurity Education: Challenging Routes, Promising Practices, Possible Improvements

This 18-page resource was written by John Sener and identifies several varieties of transfer pathways to cybersecurity degree programs. This paper also identifies some promising or potentially exemplary practices related to transfer pathways, both in general and related to cybersecurity education in particular, and concludes with a proposal for improving the transfer pathway system for cybersecurity education students. The resource includes a table of contents and the following sections: Context: The Challenging World of College Transfer Credit, Varieties of Transfer Pathways, Dual Admission: The Cooperative Route, Promising and Potentially Exemplary Transfer Practices, Improving Transfer Pathways for Cybersecurity Education Students, Acknowledgements, and References. This resource is available free for download.

From 360° Manufacturing and Applied Engineering Center of Excellence:

360° Center Education Pathway

The 360° Manufacturing and Applied Engineering Center of Excellence provides this career pathway tool to help users explore engineering and advanced manufacturing degrees. Users will begin by selecting from a list of fields including energy, industrial technology, robotics technology, mechanical drafting and design, electronics technology, and welding and fabrication. Below the diagram, a list of colleges is included with information on which programs are offered at each of them.

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Community Connection

4 Top-Notch Topical Online Resources

At ATE Central, we strive to connect community members with educational news, facts, and informative resources. Below are brief overviews of four external resources from the past year, all noted for their engaging quality and promise to spur research and interest in ATE-related fields. Whether you are interested in renewable energy, cybersecurity, space technology, or bioscience, we hope you enjoy these useful high-quality resources.

An Atlas of Electricity
From geographer Cooper Thomas of Esri's Story Maps team, An Atlas of Electricity provides visitors with a fascinating, multimedia glimpse into how electricity is created and distributed in the United States. This eight-part story map opens with a description of the 2003 Northeast blackout, an incident that signaled the fragility of the North American power grid. From here, the story map portrays American electricity usage, production, and transmission through a series of interactive maps. Next, utilizing a number of graphs and more interactive maps, the exhibit explores the different natural resources that Americans have turned to for energy throughout history and today. Finally, the story concludes by turning to the future of electricity in the United States, focusing on recent upgrades and innovations in the world of electricity. As a whole, this story serves to demystify electricity production and transmission in the U.S. in an engaging, accessible manner.

Pew Research Center: Americans and Cybersecurity
How many Americans have personally experienced breaches of cybersecurity? Do Americans trust the federal government to protect them from cyberattacks? Do they trust social network sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, to protect their cybersecurity? In January 2017, the Pew Research Center released a 43-page report investigating American perspectives on issues of cybersecurity. This particular study is part of a multi-part series by Pew examining American attitudes towards online privacy and safety. Based on a survey of 1,040 adults in the United States, this report reveals that almost half of all Americans (49%) "feel that their personal information is less secure that it was five years ago." The survey also investigated the steps that Americans take to protect their personal data from cyberattacks. Interested readers may download the complete report (available in PDF format) from this website.

Outside the Spacecraft
On March 18, 1965, cosmonaut Aleksei Leanov left his spacecraft during an orbit around the earth and became the first person to walk in space. In 1969, Neil Armstrong took the first human step on the moon. And in 1984, Bruce McCandless became the first "human satellite," using a Manned Maneuvering Unit to walk in space without being fettered to a spacecraft. All three men participated in what is called "extravehicular activity" (EVA), any action in space that occurs outside of a spacecraft. EVA is the subject of a new exhibition at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, Outside the Spacecraft. For those unable to visit the museum in person, this sleek website lets readers learn more about the equipment design that enables EVA, watch the original 1965 footage of Leanov's first extravehicular foray into space (a feat which, as the caption explains, was nearly fatal), and take a peek at artwork inspired by EVA.

About Bioscience
Teachers and students of biology and other biosciences will find first-rate resources on this well-endowed and attractive site. Readers may like to start with the Bioscience Topics tab, where they will find sections dedicated to Animal Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Biodiversity, Bioethics, and a host of other related topics. Each subheading contains an explanatory article, links to resources around the web, and information about sub disciplines. For instance, the Cell Biology page features links to a Virtual Library of Biochemistry & Molecular Cell Biology, among others. Also of interest, the About Bioscience page boasts an entire tab dedicated to Bioscience careers, including job descriptions, salary ranges, educational requirements, and links to more specified sites. Of the many careers covered here, readers will find information about the working lives of Mammalogists, Genetic Counselors, Immunologists, and Entomologists.

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ATE Success Tips: Websites

Alternative Text for Images – What Is It and Why Does It Matter?

Alternative text, or alt text, is a descriptive word or phrase associated with an image. In situations where the image is not available to the reader, this text serves the same purpose and conveys the same essential information as the image. The alt text appears in a box that would normally contain the image and is most useful when users have turned off images in their web browser, are using a screen reader due to a visual impairment, or when an image link is not available due to a broken or changed URL. Additionally, alt text is a great place to insert relevant keywords to improve your website's search engine optimization (SEO). Consider your words carefully - be descriptive but stay on target with the words you use and don't overdue it with unrelated words or phrases!


Did You Know?

According to the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce, 30 percent of the 55 million job openings created by 2020 will require some college or a two-year associate degree.

ATE Events

Ongoing Events
Eng Coding Bootcamp with Arduino I Course (Monday Evenings) Fort Pierce, Florida
Eng Coding Bootcamp with Arduino II Course (Wednesday Evenings) Fort Pierce, Florida
Eng Coding Bootcamp with Arduino I Course (Thursday Evenings) Fort Pierce, Florida
Upcoming Events
Gen Neuroscience and Society: The Opioid Epidemic Washington, DC
Gen Preparing Forms for your NSF ATE Proposal Online
Info Webinar: Recent Developments in 3D City Modeling Online
Eng Connected and Autonomous Vehicles Conference 2017 Santa Clara, California
Gen Get SMART! Impact Workshop Galveston, TX
Info Webinar: Creating Dashboards For Grants Development And Management Online
Eng NAWDP 2017 Annual Conference New Orleans, Louisiana
Eng AutoSens – The Automotive Sensor and Perception Conference Pontiac, Michigan
Gen 2017 International Conference on Teaching and Leadership Excellence Austin, TX
Ag/Env 2017 VESTA National Summit Isle of Palms, South Carolina
Mfg Intro Lego Mindstorms Teachers Workshop Tampa, Florida
Gen All you wanted to know about High Accuracy Data Collection Louisville, KY
Gen Automating GIS with Python Louisville, KY
Gen LiDAR Workflows in ArcGIS and QGIS Louisville, KY
Info What Geospatial Professionals Should Know About Metadata, Querying, and Data Management Louisville, KY
Info Summer Working Connections - North Lansing, Michigan
Mfg Weld-Ed Educator's Training: Module 2, Joining and Cutting Processes East Peoria, Illinois
Bio/Chem 2017 Bio-Link Summer Fellows Forum Berkeley, California
Gen How to Access Imagery and Carry Out Remote Sensing Analysis Using Landsat Data Louisville, KY
Gen Integrating ArcGIS and Pictometry in the Classroom Louisville, KY
Gen Open Educational Forum Louisville, KY
Eng TU-Automotive Detroit 2017 Novi, Michigan
Gen GeoEd 2017 Conference Louisville, Kentucky
Eng Technology in Marine Science Dauphin Island, Alabama
Gen 2017 STEM Guitar Summer Institute Dayton, OH
Info Colloquium for Information Systems Security Education Conference Las Vegas, Nevada
Mfg Weld-Ed Educator's Training: Module 7, Non Distructive Testing Ogden, Utah
Bio/Chem Protein is Cash Workshop at Delgado Community College New Orleans, Louisiana
Mfg Digital Fabrication Camp and Engineering Lab for Girls White Bear Lake, Minnesota
Mfg 2017 Advanced Manufacturing Summer Institute for Educators Ocala, Florida
Info Webinar: Using Prior Learning Assessments for Recruitment and Retention of Special Adult Populations Online
Bio/Chem NSF ATE Stem Cell Teacher Academy I: Madison College Madison, Wisconsin
Info Summer Working Connections - South Jacksonville, Florida
Mfg Digital Fabrication Camp and Engineering Lab White Bear Lake, Minnesota
Eng ASEE 124th Annual Conference 2017 Columbus, Ohio
Gen Summer Maritime and Transportation Institute Norfolk, Virginia
Gen 2017 STEM Guitar Summer Institute Marcola, Oregon
Bio/Chem NSF ATE Stem Cell Teacher Academy II: Madison College Madison, Wisconsin
Mfg Weld-Ed Educator's Training: Module 1, Welding Metallurgy Wahpeton, North Dakota
Eng NRGY 195: Renewable Energy Technology Practicum Browning, MT
Info 3CS Pre-Summit Job Fair Largo, Maryland
Info Community College Cyber Summit (3CS) Largo, Maryland
Eng Diving into Underwater Sensors and Arduino Online
Bio/Chem NSF ATE Stem Cell Teacher Academy III: City College of San Francisco San Francisco, California
Gen Summer Maritime and Transportation Institute Baltimore, Maryland
Eng MATE Underwater Robotics and Engineering Design: Intermediate Level Monterey, California
Eng Engineering Technology Challenge's Summer Teacher Workshop Farmington, CT
Eng CTE Educators Summit 2017 Charlotte, North Carolina
Eng Electronics Maker Bootcamp Fort Pierce, Florida
Info Summer Working Connections - Texas Frisco, Texas
Mfg Summer Engineering and Manufacturing (SEAM) Camp Staples, Minnesota
Bio/Chem NBC2 mini-BIOMAN 2017 Conference - Manufacture of a Drug Product Valparaiso, Indiana
Bio/Chem NBC2 mini-BIOMAN 2017 Conference - Upstream Processing; Mab Production in CHO Cells Blue Bell, Pennsylvania
Eng High Impact Technology Exchange Conference Salt Lake City, Utah
Eng NACAT Conference 2017 Warren, Michigan
Mfg Weld-Ed Educator's Training: Module 6, Instructional Design and Teaching Strategies Elyria, Ohio
Gen 2017 High Impact Technology Exchange Conference (HI-TEC) Salt Lake City, UT
Mfg Camp Explore STEM Career Camp Winona, Minnesota
Mfg Weld-Ed Educator's Training: Module 3, Design, Assembly and Robotics Elyria, Ohio
Bio/Chem NBC2 mini-BIOMAN 2017 Conference - Single Use Tech in Manufacturing Quincy, Massachusetts
Mfg Intro Lego Mindstorms Teachers Workshop Tampa, Florida
Mfg Intermediate Lego Mindstorms Teachers Workshop Tampa, Florida

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