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In This Issue

Featured Resources in Nanotechnology


From the National Center for Nanotechnology Applications and Career Knowledge (NACK) Network:

A Brief History of Nanotechnology

This module is provided by, a product of the National Center for Nanotechnology Applications and Career Knowledge (NACK Center) which is based at the Penn State College of Engineering. The module, available for download in PDF format, includes a brief history of nanotechnology. It was designed to be used by instructors in post secondary education and would be useful in workshops, courses, or lectures as it provides a brief background for students beginning to study nanotechnology. This resource, along with all resources from the NACK Center, require a fast, easy, free log-in to access their materials.

From the National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network:

Lab on a Slab

This lab, presented by the National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network, covers the concept of material properties. Students will learn about microfluidics and how "with one drop of liquid sample, small devices and channels can be used with nanoparticles for sensitive detection of chemicals." A Teacher Preparation Guide, Student Guides, and Next Generation Science Standards applicable to the lesson are included.


ATE@20 Book + Blog Usage Survey

ATE20 Book + Blog Usage Survey

Since its unveiling at the 2013 ATE Principal Investigators Conference, we’ve heard from a number of you about the diverse ways you have planned to use the ATE@20 Book + Blog. We are thrilled at the creative and promotional methods you have considered to advance the work being done throughout the ATE community. Now, we’d like to ask you to take a few minutes to tell us exactly what you’ve been able to do with ATE@20: Two Decades of Advancing Technological Education with a very quick survey:

  • How did you receive a copy of the ATE@20 book?
  • How often do you read the ATE@20 blog (
  • Have you shared the book with others?
  • How have you used the material from the ATE@20 Book or Blog?
  • Has the ATE@20 Book + Blog been useful to you?

The survey will only take a few short minutes, but your time and feedback are greatly appreciated and will help us continue to promote the wonderfully innovative and transformative work that has resulted from 20 years with NSF and ATE.

As always, if you have yet to order your own copies of the ATE@20 books to distribute and promote your work, please let us know and we would be happy to send them your way. Book orders and general inquiries can be emailed to

Community Connection


ATE and Social Media

Social media and networking sites are a great way to connect with other members of the ATE community, receive educational resources and materials, and stay on top of upcoming events from other ATE projects and centers. Using Facebook and other social media tools like Twitter can help support dissemination and outreach goals and also serve as a forum for communication within the ATE community at large.

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  • The ATE Central Facebook page acts as a central hub for the ATE community on Facebook. Upcoming events, updates to the ATE@20 blog, and important opportunities for projects and centers are all featured and kept up-to-date here. While community events are regularly posted on Facebook a few weeks ahead of time, a complete Events List can be found on ATE Central. The page also serves as an excellent way to receive information and updates about the ATE@20 Book + Blog project, including alerts to new posts, common questions, and surveys. Don’t forget to use the page as an opportunity to post questions or comments related to your own project or center’s work as well.
  • The ATE Social Media Directory, accessed from the ATE Central homepage, provides an online directory of ATE centers and projects that are using social media, along with some ATE partners and collaborators. The directory is easy to navigate and serves as a great way to find other projects or centers for best practices, professional development, or simply staying in touch. If you don’t see your project or center on the list, or are using a new social networking tool that we are unaware of, please let us know by emailing

While there are various social media sites out there, Facebook remains the biggest and most popular social media network, with over 845 million monthly active users. It has the broadest reach and the most mainstream audience, so it’s a wonderful place to start. If you aren’t already using Facebook or don’t know if it’s right for your project or center, click here to read more on the topic from the September 2012 ACC.

Did you know?

The worldwide need for nanotechnology workers is expected to reach 2 million by 2015, with the United States housing 45% of these workers.

ATE Events

Ongoing Events
Integrated Geospatial Education and Technical Training - Remote Sensing Online
Photonics Faculty Development Course: Fundamentals of Light and Lasers Online
Advanced Manufacturing PBL Newsletter Online
Upcoming Events
Conference for Industry and Education Collaboration Savannah, GA
Conference for Industry and Education Collaboraton (CIEC) Savannah, GA
Designing and Using Videos in Undergraduate Geoscience Education Online
AAAS Meeting 2014 - Meeting Global Challneges: Discovery and Innovation Chicago, Il
CUR Dialogues 2014 - Striving and Thriving: Fostering Successful Research Environments Arlington, VA
Mechatronics Webinar Online
GIS/CAMA Technologies Conference Jacksonville, FL
Logistics, Trade, and Transportation Symposium: Southeastern Opportunities and Challenges Long Beach, MS
Project Access Workshop Houston, TX
Innovations 2014 Conference Anaheim, California
Getting the Most Out of Your Introductory Courses Online
NEATEC Annual Conference Malta, NY
Instructional Strategies for Introductory Physics (ISIP) Workshop Auburn, WA
International Technology and Engineering Educators Association's 76th Annual Conference Orlando, Florida
RET Experience: Activities for the HS Classroom Online

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News & Reminders

New Website Launch for Problem-Based Learning Projects

A new website has been launched for PBL Projects to combine the work of the Advanced Manufacturing PBL, Stem PBL, and PHOTON PBL projects into one comprehensive space. Click here to explore this new site and the various curricula that have been developed by these three innovative projects.

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