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In This Issue

Featured Resources in Materials Science

From the National Resource Center for Materials Technology Education (MatEd):

MatEd Instructional Resources

This webpage from MatEd National Resource Center provides a collection of online resources that are useful for instructors in a number of materials engineering disciplines. The links include links to resources in the featured textbook, Materials Videos, Related NSF Programs, Course Designs, Instructional Resources, Other National Resource Centers, National Science Digital Library, Textbooks for 2 Year Materials Technician Programs, Textbooks for 4 year programs, Individual Textbooks, Web Sites & Other Resources, Career Resources, and Papers & Publications.

From the Maricopa Advanced Technology Education Center (MATEC):

Materials Science and Technology Teacher’s Workshop

This page of semiconductor modules, from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign's Department of Materials Science and Engineering, is split into several main topics: What are semiconductors?, historical timeline, future trends, scientific principles, references, resources, and master equipment grid for laboratories. There are also laboratory activities provided, along with other materials such as a glossary and videos. The MAST homepage has links to metals, ceramics, polymors, composites, concrete, and energy. These modules are intended to introduce both teachers and students to the world of materials science and technology.

From Science & Engineering in the Lives of Students:

Materials & Mechanics

This page presents activities related to materials and mechanics. The lesson plans provide ideas on using building structures to strengthen understanding of larger science topics. Video clips and activities are provided on the topics of bending & torque, tension & compression, and shear. Each activity includes a detailed description which will assist teachers in setting up the lesson.

Community Connection


Student Success Story Videos: Showcasing the Impact of ATE

The ATE Student Success Story videos, created in collaboration with WGBH, Boston, highlight the struggles and triumphs of a diverse set of students in ATE project and center settings. With support and guidance from PIs, staff, and industry partners, their lives and careers have been changed for the better. Each video documents a unique success story, but all of them have a common theme: technician training has the power to change lives. Below are brief overviews of five of the ten videos created over the last several years. Click on the student names below to view that specific video or visit the ATE Central Student Success Story pages for a full overview of all ten stories. The videos are a great way to promote the work of ATE projects and centers and can be used freely in educational settings to help bring attention to the importance and impact of workforce development and community college programs in general and the ATE program in particular.

Anthony Francis

New York, New York

Anthony Francis returned to New York for school after spending his childhood on the small Caribbean island of St. Lucia. See how collaborative projects, rich mentoring, and skillful networking helped Anthony secure a job working on 3D printers at MakerBot Industries.

Christina Michelle Smith

Texas City, Texas

In Texas City, Texas, Christina Smith is going back to school to study process technology at College of the Mainland. Learn more about Christina's new career path, her success in providing for her young daughter, and the role of ATE in helping her move forward.

Llew Powell

Boston, Massachusetts

Llew Powell worked at a succession of unsatisfying jobs, but he knew he liked problem solving and fixing things. Those skills have come in handy since he started his program at Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology working on hybrid vehicles; now he feels more engaged in his day-to-day work and prepared for a career in the automotive industry.

Kristen Edwards

Springfield, Ohio

Kristen Edwards thought she wanted to be a math education major until a computer science class changed the course of her career. After more coursework, and an ATE sponsored internship with a local business, she's discovered a new passion and a new path.

Wesley Hipolito

Enfield, Connecticut

Wesley Hipolito was introduced to machining technology through the College Connection Program at Asnuntuk Community College. Now, after more coursework, an ATE sponsored internship, and a seamless transition into the workforce he has established himself as an integral part of the future of Aerospace.

Pen and Paper

ATE Success Tips: Outreach

Is Your Mission Statement Working as Hard as You Are?

Creating an effective mission statement is important for any number of reasons – providing a central talking point in promoting the work of your ATE project or center, defining your focus, and supporting your outreach planning. Not only should the statement spell out your purpose, but it should effectively describe your project or center’s goals, the primary stakeholders, and the core values or principles behind your work. A good statement should align both internal and external perceptions of your project or center, be clear, well-written, and understandable to a layperson, and, most importantly, be specific and concise. It is also the perfect platform to inspire others and excite them about your project or center. Remember, you should be able to read your mission statement in 90 seconds or less, all the while addressing these three key concepts:

  • Who is your organization intended for? (Who is the target audience?)
  • What contribution do you make to your audience? (Do you increase retention of Hispanic students in chemical engineering? Do you develop curriculum for high school physics teachers?)
  • What makes your contribution unique? (What makes your project stand out from other projects working towards similar goals? What are your strengths and values?)

As an example from the ATE community, here is ATEEC Tribal College Programs’ mission statement:

The mission of this project is to strengthen environmental science and technology programs at Tribal Colleges consistent with the unique needs and traditions of these communities. More specifically, this project will strengthen STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education at Tribal Colleges while acknowledging that there is a critical cultural component to the study of environmental science by Native Americans.

Did You Know?

Vice President Biden’s July 2014 Ready to Work report acknowledges apprenticeships as a proven pathway to employment. According to the report, 87% of apprentices are employed after completing their programs, earning an average starting wage of over $50,000.

More on apprenticeships:

Additional resources on apprenticeships can be found on ATE Central.

ATE Events

Ongoing Events
Gen 2014 WASHINGTON ACTE Summer Conference Yakima, WA
Nano Micro Pressure Sensor Cleanroom Workshop at CVTC Eau Claire, WI
Info Broadening Advanced Technological Education Connections: Summer Institute 2014: Boston Boston, MA
Info EMC Cloud Infrastructure and Services (CIS) Online
Eng STEM Guitar Building Institute Plant City, FL
Mfg CAR Management Briefing Seminars Acme, MI
Gen Math Machines Workshop-South Central Ohio Dayton, OH
Info 47th Annual Oklahoma Career and Technology Education Summer Conference Tulsa, OK
Upcoming Events
Info Continuous School Improvement Workshop Tulsa, OK
Nano Nanotechnology Course Resources II: Patterning, Characterization, and Applications State College, Pennsylvania
Gen The Annual Conference on Distance Teaching & Learning Madison, WI
Eng American Welding Society (AWS) Heat Treatment Conference Arlington, TX
Bio/Chem Genomics in Education Workshop Huntsville, AL
Gen 2014 Ohio Grape and Wine Day Kingsville, OH
Eng SPIE Optics + Photonics Meeting San Diego, CA
Eng Executive Session Alpena, MI
Gen Your ATE Proposal: Got Evaluation? Online
Info National CyberWatch Center: National Cyber League (NCL) for the College Classroom Online
Mfg 2014 World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems Detroit, MI
Info GIS-Pro Annual Conference New Orleans, LA
Eng Concrete Masonry Technology Alpena, MI
Info FOSS4G Conference Portland, OR
Gen Opportunities for NSF ATE Program Funding and Mentor-Connect Grant Writing Support Online
Gen Sustaining Your ATE Project or Center Online
Eng Vibrapac® Alpena, MI
Nano Nanotechnology Course Resources I: Safety, Processing, and Materials State College, Pennsylvania
Gen FAS4ATE Webinar: Connecting Logic Models to Data You Can Use Online
Mfg Rural Community College Alliance Conference Newry, Maine
Eng Long Island Sound Mentor Teacher Workshop Madison, CT
Info National CyberWatch Center: Security Clearances Online
Gen Presidents Fundraising Academy Newport Beach, CA
Mfg 2014 Climate Leadership Summit Boston, MA
Mfg 2014 FLORIDA Manufacturing Day , FL
Gen Hispanic Association of Colleges & Universities 28th Annual Conference Denver, CO
Gen WomenTech Educators Online Training Online
Nano Nanotechnology Course Resources II: Patterning, Characterization, and Applications State College, Pennsylvania
Gen American Association of Community Colleges John E. Roueche Future Leaders Institute Washington, DC,
Mfg 2014 Southern Automotive Conference Birmingham, AL
Eng NCATC Fall 2014 Conference: Making It: Energizing the Manufacturing Workforce through Innovation Houston, TX
Gen Mentor-Connect: Cohort Application Deadline Online
Nano COMS2014 Salt Lake City, UT
Mfg National Career Pathways Annual Conference: Building Capacity: Aligning for the Future Orlando, Florida
Eng OSA Frontiers in Optics/Laser Science Tucson, AZ
Eng Recycled Materials Alpena, MI
Info 2014 New York State GeoSpatial Summit Skaneateles Falls, NY
Ag/Env Wine Sensory Analysis Workshop Green Bay, WI
Eng NCWE Annual Conference: Casting Relationships, Forging Partnerships Pittsburgh, PA

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