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In This Issue

Featured Resources in Genetic Science

From Bio-Link:

ActionBioscience: Issues in Biotechnology

Created by the American Institute of Biological Sciences (AIBS), the ActionBioscience website is designed to promote bioscience literacy through a host of educational activities, worksheets, interactive features, and online demonstrations and visualizations. This particular part of the site looks at issues in biotechnology through a range of articles and activities that can be used in classrooms or for personal edification. This section contains over two dozen of these activities, arranged into thematic sections including technology and ethics, cloning, and medical biotechnology. Each article contains a brief introduction, a set of related external links, and a set of references for future use. Pieces that shouldn't be missed include "Agricultural Bioterrorism" by Radford G. Davis and "Designer Babies: Ethical Considerations" by Nicholas Agar.

From Maricopa Advanced Technology Education Center (MATEC):


The Genetic Science Learning Center is a science and health education program located in the midst of the bioscience research being carried out at the University of Utah. The Center's mission is making science easy for everyone to understand. To achieve this mission, the project provides educational materials and programs for global and local audiences. Their website, Learn.Genetics, delivers educational materials on genetics, bioscience, and health topics, designed to be used by students, teachers, and members of the public. The materials meet select US education standards for science and health. These educational resources provide accurate and unbiased information about topics in genetics, bioscience, and health. Designed for non-research audiences, they are jargon-free, target multiple learning styles, and often convey concepts through animation and interactivity.

From Teachers’ Domain: Advanced Technological Education:

Animal Cloning 101

Teachers' Domain presents this interactive lesson with reading materials and animations to present information on what a clone is, how cloning live organisms is possible, and examples of animals that have been cloned in the past. The activity also illustrates how cloned animals may one day be used in enhancing human health. On the site, visitors will also find a supplemental background essay, discussion questions, and standards alignment from Teachers' Domain.

Community Connection

Community Connection

5 Great Resources to Amp up Your Dissemination and Outreach Efforts

Many of us in the ATE community are routinely looking for ways to enhance our dissemination and outreach efforts. Here are five resources that may help amplify your online presence, whether on your own website, on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, or on presentation materials shared out via email:

The National Student Clearinghouse Research Center

The National Student Clearinghouse Research Center has been gathering data on colleges and universities for over 20 years with the goal of "enabl[ing] better educational policy decisions leading to improved student outcomes." There are plenty of fascinating items to explore right on the home page, which is continually updated as new reports are released. These reports span four broad categories: Signature Reports, which provide national data about students' experiences; Snapshot Reports, which periodically investigate enrollment trends; Term Enrollment Estimates, which are released in the fall and spring and offer timely estimates of postsecondary enrollments; and High School Benchmarks, which review high school-to-college transition rates for high school graduates. Recent publications have explored spring 2015 term enrollment, persistence among students enrolled in four-year colleges, and other relevant topics.


STEMconnector is both a resource and a service that is designed “to link those advocating science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education across disciplines and distances.” It seeks to connect diverse educators, professionals, and government officials together based on a love of applied science. The STEMblog, a project of STEMconnector, is updated regularly and focuses its energies on the relationship between business and STEM subjects. Recent articles, for example, have alerted readers to corporate-sponsored prizes for high school science teachers, a recognition of National Engineers Week, and the math behind a new Android app. For community members who are looking to make connections between STEM subjects and industry partners, the STEMblog is an informative site to check back on regularly.


For anyone who blogs or otherwise posts content on the web, one of the vexing tasks can be finding the perfect Creative Commons (CC – free to use) image to illustrate one's content. Enter PhotoPin. To use the service, start by entering a keyword into the search box. PhotoPin will then present all related, useable images from Flickr's collection. After reviewing the list, simply select "get photo" to download the photo and attribution link, and upload to your website, presentation material, or blog. For those interested in learning more about CC licensed photos, the FAQ offers a wealth of information.

To date, 800,000 users have created over one million infographics on The reason is clear: manages to make the usually tedious and time-consuming process of creating engaging infographics relatively simple and efficient. The interface is fairly minimal and user-friendly. Most users will want to begin with a Vheme (template). From there, the site offers fresh options each step of the way, using drag and drop functions to fill out your targeted product. The results look surprisingly professional and can help users present even complex information in streamlined and attractive formats.

For anyone working with teams of people on multimedia projects, provides a way to co-create and co-edit video, photos, audio, documents, and other modalities all in one place. Recently launched, operates on the premise that more and more people are working with more complex media programs but are forced to use different platforms for different parts of the same project. So, for example, teams use Vimeo for their video, email for communication, and Dropbox to share files. wraps all of the functionalities of those various services into a single well-designed platform. It's fast too - 5x faster than Dropbox. So when users are uploading and sharing large files, there's less lag, which leads to greater productivity. The company offers 2GB of free file storage on a single project that can include up to five collaborators. For larger projects, the paid tiers start at $15 per month.

ATE@20 Blog Logo

Spotlight On: The ATE@20 Blog

For most of us, the summer months mean a lighter academic schedule, longer daylight hours, and more time to spend with family and friends. Yet, amidst all of the summer fun and activities, we hope you’ve had a chance to read the ATE@20 blog and stay abreast of the many inspirational stories, personal experiences, and helpful community resources that have been highlighted over the past several weeks. In case you happen to have missed them, posts have explored the following topics:

Remember, ATE@20 is not just for an ATE community audience. Ideally, the blog posts will find their way to campus communities, industry partners, and other parties who are or could be interested in the ATE program. To help spread the word about ATE far and wide, here are three easy ways to spread the word about the depth and breadth of ATE:

  • Use portions of the ATE@20 blog posts on your website, newsletter, or other text-based outreach, especially if the blog post pertains to what your project or center does.
  • Tweet about what you're doing using the #ate20 hashtag.
  • Mention the ATE@20 book or blog when making presentations, talking at campus events, or working with potential partners.

We are actively collecting stories and photographs to feature in the ATE@20 blog. If you have a story to share or accomplishment to highlight, please don't hesitate to contact us at Our aim is to celebrate and share diverse stories from the members of our community and showcase the fantastic work being done by ATE projects and centers on a daily basis.


Did You Know?

According to Georgetown University's Center on Education and the Workforce, nearly 30% of community college graduates are now making more money than their peers who have graduated with bachelor's degrees.

ATE Events

Ongoing Events
Info OKCareerGuide Training Online
Info EduGaming Conference 2015 Schnecksville, PA
Gen SCADA Online
Bio/Chem Barcode Long Island Educator Workshop Stony Brook, NY
Info 48th Annual Oklahoma Career and Technology Education Summer Conference Tulsa, OK
Eng CAR Management Briefing Seminars Traverse City, MI
Mfg Welding Course for Educators: Instructional Design and Teaching Strategies for Welding Instruction Marysville, CA
Info IT Essentials Train the Trainer Elkhorn, WI
Upcoming Events
Gen WomenTech Educators Online Summer Bootcamp Online
Gen Netlabs+ User Community Workshop Online
Info 2015 National Conference on Geography Education Washington, DC
Bio/Chem Industrial Biotechnology Subject Matter Expert Meeting Oceanside, CA
Bio/Chem Industrial Biotechnology Subject Matter Expert Meeting Oceanside, CA
Gen 2015 Bicycle Safety Day Parma, OH
Eng SPIE Optics + Photonics 2015 San Diego, California
Nano Curriculum Delivery Workshops: Course Resources II: Patterning, Characterization, and Applications University Park, PA
Bio/Chem Barcode Long Island Educator Workshop Upton, NY
Gen CISSP Online
Info Broadening Advanced Technological Education Connections National Summer Institute Boston, MA
Mfg Welding Course for Educators: Laser Welding Santa Clarita, CA
Info EMCs Cloud Infratructure & Services v2 (CIS) Online
Gen Resumes That Get Results Highland Hills, OH
Gen New Job: Tips for Success Highland Hills, OH
Eng SMART Maritime Technologies Consortium Meeting Virginia Beach, VA
Eng SMART Maritime Technologies Consortium Meeting Virginia Beach, VA
Gen Ace That Interview Highland Hills, OH
Eng Personal Success Program Info Session Veron Hills, IL
Ag/Env VESTA Napa Summer Workshop Series: Craft Brewing St. Helena, CA
Mfg Raleigh 3D Printing Hubs Meetup Raleigh, North Carolina
Info How Can Geospatial “Big Data” Help Disaster Response and Track Disease Outbreaks? Online
Eng Global Automotive Lightweight Materials Detroit 2015 Detroit, MI
Info FutureView 2015 Nashville, TN
Gen Evaluation: Don’t Submit Your ATE Proposal Without It Online
Gen Evaluation: Don’t Submit Your ATE Proposal Without It Online
Eng Medical Person in Charge Linthicum Heights, MD
Info ICBS (Indian Country Business Summit) Norman, OK
Info Q&A with Advanced Cyberforensics Education Consortium Representatives Online
Ag/Env Intro to Sustainable Energy I Online
Ag/Env NRGY 102 - Intro to Sustainable Energy II Online
Info 2015 GIS in Transit Conference Washington DC,
Mfg Fab Lab Machine Training: A 4-Module Series Appleton, WI
Gen (ISC)2 SSCP Course Online
Gen Assessment for Student Success: Building Academic Innovation & Renewal Philadelphia, PA
Mfg Explore the Fab Lab: Complimentary Event Appleton, WI
Gen ATE Mentor-Connect Application Deadline Online
Gen Opportunities for NSF ATE Program Funding & Mentor-Connect Grant Writing Support for ATE Online
Gen "The Game of Life" Financial Teen Summit Cleveland, OH
Nano Curriculum Delivery Workshops: Nanotechnology Course Resources I: Safety, Processing, and Materials University Park, PA
Info EMCs Information Storage & Management v2 (ISM) Online
Eng IBEX 2015: The International Boatbuilders Exhibition & Conference Louisville, KY
Eng The Battery Show Novi, MI
Eng Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo Novi, MI
Gen Opportunity Night Cleveland, OH
Gen MakerCon New York 2015 Corona, New York
Info Q&A with CyberWatch West Representatives Online
Gen FabLearn 2015 Stanford, CA
Gen Community Connections: Bringing Together Scientists+Local Voices Houston, TX
Eng SMART Maritime Technologies Consortium Meeting Virginia Beach, VA
Eng Maritime Education and Training Summit A Collaboration for the Industry's Future Linthicum Heights, MD
Gen SCUP 2015 North Central Regional Conference Columbus, OH
Mfg Fab Lab Open House Appleton, WI
Gen Project 2061 Workshop: Developing and Using Assessments Aligned to Science Learning Goals Washington, DC
Gen SCUP 2015 Southern Regional Conference Fort Worth, TX
Nano Curriculum Delivery Workshops: Course Resources II: Patterning, Characterization, and Applications University Park, PA
Eng SPIE Optifab Rochester, NY
Eng National Council for Workforce Education Annual Conference: Workforce Education for All! Portland, OR
Gen Initiating and Sustaining Undergraduate Research Programs Columbia, MO
Gen GIS-Pro & NWGIS 2015 Spokane, WA
Eng OSA Frontiers in Optics Laser Science San Jose, CA
Info ATE PI Conference Washington, DC
Gen Research Expereinces for Undergraduate Sympsoium (REUS) Arlington, VA
Mfg National Career Pathways Network Conference: Linking Education and Economic Prosperity Dallas, TX
Gen Climate Science, 50 Years Later Washington, D.C.
Info Content Is King: National CyberWatch Center Curriculum Updated & What It Means for Your Institution Online

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