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Featured Career Resources

From SAGE 2YC:

SAGE 2YC: Career Profiles

This page from the SAGE 2YC project provides a number of useful career profiles, which were produced from interviews conducted with geoscience professionals in a variety of workforce sectors. The profiles discuss what the individual does in their position and the educational path that led them to their position. Some feature advice for others who would like to pursue a similar career path. Users may use the search feature or browse the categories of academic, industry, government or alternative. Each profile includes the interview and a photo of the professional.

From Bio-Link:

Biotech Careers: Resources

This Resources page from Bio-Link's Biotech Careers website features links that would be useful for students contemplating the different careers available with a biotech degree or certificate from a community or technical college. Resources include information about College Navigator, a database from the United States Department of Education, Internship and STEM Program Listings, and a Link to the Bio-Link LinkedIn group, among others. Links to more information about Job Areas and specific Biotech Careers on the Biotech Careers website are also included from this page.

From 360° Manufacturing and Applied Engineering Center of Excellence:

360° Center Career Pathway

The 360° Manufacturing and Applied Engineering Center of Excellence provides this career pathway diagram to help people interested in manufacturing and applied engineering discern how to reach their ideal career. Five levels of careers are included that required increasing amounts of education but also offer increasing pay. Additionally, a "likely scenario" is described of how someone could advance to an Engineer or Manager through experience and education.

Pew Research Ccenter website screenshot

Community Connection

Pew Research Center: Americans and Lifelong Learning

How, and where, do adults learn once they have left formal schooling? For those who identify as lifelong learners, where does technology fit into the equation? This report from the Pew Research Center answers these questions and more as it discloses the learning activities of nearly 3,000 Americans, aged 18 and older. As researcher John Horrigan reveals, learning in a physical setting, such as in a classroom, a library, or a place of worship, is still the preferred choice for most adults. In other words, learning activities are still very much place-based pursuits of knowledge.

While focused on life long learners, this report can still provide useful information for all of us in the ATE community as we think about the needs of the student population in our classrooms and virtual environments - according to the report, 35% of those who responded that they have done "personal learning" reported that they have done so at an educational institution. The data from the report may also be helpful for better understanding the knowledge base and attitudes of students and parents as we reach out to recruit. For example, 61% of the adults surveyed had little or no awareness of the concept of distance learning and 80% felt they didn't have much awareness about Massive Open Online courses (MOOCs).

Another finding from the study, that may come as a surprise to readers, is that access to information technology is still very much an issue. While the Internet plays an important role in personal and professional learning pursuits for those who already have high levels of education and easy access to technology, such as a home broadband connection or a smartphone, the Internet remains on the periphery of learning activities for those with less education and lower incomes. Along with an abundance of analysis and key findings, the study is filled with colorful graphs and charts, which can be viewed on this site or are available via downloadable PDF.

LinkedIn Logo

ATE Success Tips: Social Media

Have You Discovered LinkedIn Groups?

LinkedIn groups are a great way to host a gathering of people interested in a similar topic and to facilitate group discussions. Common uses of groups include posting presentations and promoting webinars, speaking engagements, and other events. The group owner and managers can also send out relevant announcements and news to group members. If you have a page for your project or center but want to engage with a specific audience, you may want to give LinkedIn groups a try! The site will allow you to feature up to three groups on your project or center's page. For help creating a group, refer to this LinkedIn help section.

When getting started on LinkedIn, think about the type of image you want your project or center to represent. In contrast to the bio section on your Facebook or Twitter account, which may be socially inclined, your LinkedIn bio should be more focused and geared to group outreach and networking partnerships. However, your project or center’s name, or handle, and profile image should appear consistently across all web platforms, as this will allow it to be found more easily.

With over 400 million members, LinkedIn may prove itself as a perfect way to expand your online audience and network!


Did You Know?

Community colleges enroll more than one third of all U.S. undergraduate students, according to a report from the National Center for Education Statistics.

ATE Events

Ongoing Events
Nano SCME Hands-online Microsystems Academy: Microcantilevers Online
Mfg AMTEC Spring Academy: Full Circle Lansing, Michigan
Upcoming Events
Gen Funding Beyond the Grant: Finding the Best-Fit Funding Model for Your Project or Center Online
Gen VFA Cohorts and Measures Online
Info 30th Anniversary National Conference on Undergraduate Research Asheville, NC
Gen Get 2 IT Parma, OH
Gen AACC Annual Convention Chicago, IL
Gen National Summit for Educational Equity Alexandria, VA
Gen SBIR/STTR and the Commercialization Challenge Washington, DC
Eng Internet of Things North America Schaumburg, IL
Info Latest Developments in Oceanographic Applications of GIS Webinar Online
Gen 2016 Forum on Science & Technology Policy Washington, DC
Gen Know your Audience, the Rest Will Follow: A Deeper Dive into Audience Assessment Online
Gen Preparing Forms for your NSF ATE Proposal: Live Webinar Online
Gen Threat Intelligence Webinar Online
Info 2016 Geospatial Skills Competition Registration Online
Nano SCME Hands-online Microsystems Academy: BioMEMS Applications Online
Mfg MFG4 Hartford, CT
Gen The Funding Environment: From Funder Mandates to Industry Partnerships Online
Gen Science Diplomacy 2016 Washington, DC
Eng 2016 CAAT Conference: The Road to Autonomous Vehicles Warren, MI
Info Good Practice in Geography for Elementary Grades Newark, NY
Eng Future Connected Cars USA Santa Clara, CA
Gen 2016 Expo Fest Wallingford, CT
Info Y.E.L.L. Female Summit Des Moines, WA
Eng Women in Transportation Annual Conference Austin, TX
Info Geo-Capacity Building in Europe Webinar Online
Mfg 4-Axis CNC Milling Teacher Training Auburn, ME
Gen National Association for Workforce Improvement Conference 2016 Norwich, CT
Eng National Association of Workforce Development Professionals Annual Conference Orlando, FL
Bio/Chem Bioscience Industrial Fellowship Project Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Nano SCME Hands-online Microsystems Academy: Micro Pressure Sensors Online
Info ACM SIGMIS Computers and People Research 2016 Alexandria, VA
Mfg STEM Guitar Building Institute College Station, TX
Ag/Env Great Environmental Safety Training Institute Davenport, IA
Info An Introduction to Geospatial Intelligence: Why Remote Sensing is Becoming More Important Louisville, KY
Info Field Data Collection Louisville, KY
Info Multispectral Imagery - Introduction to remote sensing concepts and use of imagery Louisville, KY
Info Web Map Creation: Using Services, ArcGIS Online and Open Source Louisville, KY
Info An Introduction to Drones: Getting to Know sUAS Lingo and Safety Louisville, KY
Info Introduction to Open Source GIS: QGIS Louisville, KY
Info Open Educational Forum Louisville, KY
Info National Geospatial Technology Center of Excellence GeoEd '16 Conference Louisville, KY
Mfg Advanced Transportation Fuels Summer Academy Owensboro, Kentucky
Mfg 4-Axis CNC Milling Teacher Training with Curriculum Auburn, ME
Gen National Leadership and Skills Conference Louisville, Kentucky
Mfg STEM Guitar Building Institute Hampton, VA
Mfg 5-Axis CNC Milling with Curriculum Auburn, ME
Bio/Chem ComGen Workshop 2016 Bellevue, WA
Eng American Society for Engineering Education Annual Conference and Exposition New Orleans, LA
Mfg Live Tooling CNC Lathe Teacher Training Auburn, ME
Mfg STEM Guitar Building Institute Fairless Hills, PA
Mfg STEM Guitar Building Workshop Marietta, GA
Nano 2016 MNT Conference Albany, NY

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News & Reminders

Consider participating in the Bioscience Industrial Fellowship Project (BIFP) June 1-24, 2016.

The Bioscience Industrial Fellowship Project (BIFP) is a four week observational fellowship program where selected instructors will reside in Winston – Salem, North Carolina for the month of June 2016. During their stay, they will visit NC Biosciences industrial facilities, community colleges and university labs and research parks. Working in pairs, up to twelve awardees will write about their experiences and produce contextualized modules as grant products. For more information please contact Russ Read, or Allison Nestor, at the National Center for the Biotechnology Workforce. Applications will be accepted on a first come first serve basis for those who meet the requirements.

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CWIS is open source software, created with NSF funding, that can help your project or center showcase resources online. It's free and very easy to use. The latest version (CWIS 3.2.0) was released on and is available for download on the Scout site. Please email if you have any questions or would like a quick tour of its features!

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