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Webinar: Targeted Coaching Skills for Instructors Preparing a Diverse Technician Workforce

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Are you ready to teach Generation Z—the most diverse generation to enter U.S. higher education and the workforce in history? Are you seeking ways to recruit and retain women—who continue to lag in participation in the technician workforce? Once you’ve recruited diverse learners and workers to your technician program or workplace, do you know what to do next?

This webinar from the team at SRI International will discuss targeted coaching skills that both technician instructors and employers need to know to be successful. It will share broad research findings from both studies and interviews about effective coaching principles and methods. It will spotlight two technician education practitioners who have used these principles and methods to develop effective targeted coaching approaches. You will learn how they used design methods and key principles. You will see some models that you can use to develop your own local targeted coaching program. This webinar will build your understanding of the unique needs of diverse learners and help you understand the opportunities for building on the distinct experiences and perspectives of diversity in both classroom and work apprenticeships.

Join presenters on Wednesday, February 26, 1:00-2:00 pm EDT. The webinar will be recorded, so sign up even if you can't attend to get a copy of the recorded presentation emailed to you.

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