ATE is Advanced Technological Education. With an emphasis on two-year colleges, the National Science Foundation's ATE program focuses on the education of technicians for the high-technology fields that drive our nation's economy.

What’s New in Global Mapper Pro v25?


October 4 Online

Blue Marble product managers and software developers are busily planning writing lines of code that will eventually evolve into Global Mapper Standard Version 25. Each release brings a plethora of new and improved functionality throughout virtually all aspects of the software. In this session, presenters will introduce and demonstrate some of the highlights of version 25, including enhanced capabilities for working with vector, raster, and terrain data.

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BioMADE Webinar Series — Strong Domestic Manufacturing of Advanced Probiotics


October 4 Online

BioMADE Webinar Series — Strong Domestic Manufacturing of Advanced Probiotics for Raising Healthy Livestock and Producing Clean, Affordable, Sustainable Animal Protein for All

The U.S. needs a secure supply of safe, sustainable, clean animal protein. The farming industry faces unprecedented struggles including pandemics, war, climate change and the overuse of antibiotics. Join this webinar to hear how member General Probiotics developed GP1191, an innovative antimicrobial advanced probiotic to protect livestock, resulting in clean, affordable, sustainable food.

Through the BioMADE project, BioMADE has executed a plan to manufacture GP1191, moving nimbly from BioMRL-4 to the outskirts of BioMRL-7. They manufactured material for FDA-authorized tests in US chicken farms, validating the market. In the current proposal they focus on the next steps that will lead to commercial readiness.

Join this webinar on October 4, 2023, 12-1pm CT | 10-11am PT, to hear how BioMADE has broken through the commercialization and regulatory barriers for a new class of biologics in agriculture and how they are reaching commercial readiness for a novel antimicrobial at a critical time for poultry producers.

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Droning On: Northwest Mountain Edition


October 5 Greeley, CO

The Federal Aviation Administration has nine regional offices within the U.S. Each region is expanding outreach with in-person events. The goal is to highlight the societal, economic, and educational benefits of drones for the general public, through a series of events focusing on different audiences. Admission to the event is free and open to the public. Please note that there may be additional costs for lunch. 

Droning On: Northwest Mountain will take place October 5-6, 2023 at AIMS Community College. The event will be two days of panels, lectures, and demonstrations. 

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How to Boost Female Enrollment in your Cybersecurity Program, Finally! Webcast


October 5 Online

Join presenter Donna Milgram, Executive Director, National Institute for Women in Trades, Technology & Science, on Oct. 5th from 2-3pm ET as she shows how schools boosted female (and male) enrollments in Cybersecurity and IT programs after attending a WomenTech Educators Training. Participants will get clear, practical takeaways for applying these techniques to boost enrollments in their programs, such as:

  1. The top 3 mistakes schools make that keep female enrollments low.
  2. The top 3 recruitment strategies that work.
  3. What else you need to change besides your mindset to have real results.

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Colorado Drone Airshow 2023


October 6 Fort Collins, CO

The Colorado Drone Airshow is CSU’s first annual airshow and will provide an immersive drone experience for all. Join us at Christman Airfield in Fort Collins for two exciting days of unmanned aircraft systems excellence. 

Oct. 6 will be industry day focusing on the new and emerging technologies of unmanned aircraft systems with over 50 exhibitors. While Oct. 7 will be community day with drone racing, UAV demonstrations, fly overs, food trucks, and much more.

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2023 ATE Conference Orientation Webinar


October 6 Online

AACC will host an ATE Conference Orientation Webinar to provide an overview of 2023 ATE Conference agenda, share information on how to navigate the event, and discuss how attendees can maximize their time to get the most out of the conference and its many networking opportunities.

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Engineering Technology Leaders Institute (ETLI)


October 9 Washington, DC

The Engineering Technology Leaders Institute (ETLI) is the dedicated annual meeting of stakeholders in engineering technology education. Participants come from across the US institutions like community colleges, companies, professional organizations, and 4-year schools. The objective is to promote high quality engineering technology education to support students, their families, and the companies they will join. Sample agenda items include curriculum, accessibility, industry needs, advocacy, and licensing. (The group is not political but does try to inform governmental actions.)

The annual ETLI is hosted by the Engineering Technology Council (ETC) of the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE.) The ASEE is the international organization for Engineering Education. It's mission is "ASEE advances innovation, excellence, and access at all levels of education for the engineering profession."

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Advanced Manufacturing Minneapolis


October 10 Minneapolis, MN

Avanced Manufacturing Minneapolis-Medical Design & Manufacturing (MD&M), Automation Technology Expo (ATX), Design & Manufacturing (D&M), MinnPack, And Plastec

From surgical robots to self-driving cars, robotics and computer intelligence are changing our lives at a rapid pace. Minnesota is at the frontier of these challenges with global players such as 3M, Medtronic, Mayo, Honeywell and Cargill looking for creative ideas and human talent. 

Explore all four engineering trade shows that share the expo floor with ATX as part of Advanced Manufacturing Minneapolis. It’s a one-stop experience delivering design to manufacturing solutions at every stage of the manufacturing process—design, materials, manufacturing, automation, and packaging—in top manufacturing sectors, i.e., medtech, food and beverage, electronics, machinery, aerospace, automotive, and more.

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AACC Future Presidents Institute


October 10 Denver, CO

The AACC Future Presidents Institute provides hands-on experience for senior leaders aspiring to the community college presidency. The association has gathered years of research from new CEOs about what they wish they had known before assuming the presidency.

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UAS Summit & Expo


October 10 Grand Forks, ND

The UAS Summit & Expo started as a small gathering of regional stakeholders. Now, 17 years later, the event in the Northern Plains of North Dakota has become a yearly major event for UAS experts from around the world. It’s the original epicenter of drone research, earned its place as the Silicon Valley of Drones and as you’ll see from the commercial, government and military flight activity filling the sky of the Northern Plains and beyond every day, it has truly become America’s UAS proving grounds. 

True to its trailblazing roots, this year’s event will unite industry thought leaders, policymakers and high-impact end-users like never before. 

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OpenText World 2023


October 10 Las Vegas, NV

The future of AI is here, and you can earn your AI wings at OpenText World 2023. The AI experimentation race is fueling groundbreaking innovation across all industries and will empower us to work even smarter. Find out how to pivot to AI, master AI innovation based on your values, and learn how to build trust and security in the cognitive era. 

Prepare to take flight with like-minded peers and potential collaborators, foster new connections, and take your professional network to new heights. Discuss trends, challenges, and solutions with like-minded professionals during one of the many networking events; such as breakouts, workshops, EY sponsored Women in Tech reception, informal and interactive meet ups in the amplified expo hall!

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Inclusive Research Mentor-Manager Training


October 11 Online

Would you like to improve work-based learning experiences for your students and their industry mentors/supervisors? Check out the Inclusive Research Mentor-Manager Training developed through an NSF ATE supported partnership with the City College of San Francisco Biotechnology Program and the University of California, San Francisco. This training is part of an NSF grant-funded initiative, designed to teach scientists the frameworks and language to mentor and manage inclusively. The Inclusive Research Mentor-Manager series is currently free and will be held as interactive workshops via Zoom.

Eight Virtual Workshops - Mondays & Wednesdays, Oct 11th-Nov 13th. 10am-12pm PT

  • Module 1 - Assess Yourself: Which of the 5 inclusive strategies would work in your lab/on your team?
  • Module 2 - Assess Yourself: Which of the 7 people manager (supervisory) responsibilities will you use to manage your mentee/employee’s productivity?
  • Module 3 - Effectively supervising people who aren't you: Managing different workstyles
  • Module 4 - How to transparently set (performance and conduct) expectations
  • Module 5 - Teach/train and delegate: Using best practices to train your diverse team
  • Module 6 - Communicating inclusively: developing your own feedback strategy and style
  • Module 7 - When someone isn't meeting your expectations: Strategies and resources to manage performance equitably
  • Module 8 - How to inclusively hire: Which strategies will you use?

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Ignite Your Future

Student Event

October 13 Hutchinson, MN

This hands-on, interactive, fun career exploration event connects education and industry for high school sophomores in central Minnesota, contributing to the regional economic and workforce needs.

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ATE Projects and Centers

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Advanced Manufacturing Technologies topics include:

  • Additive manufacturing
  • Automotive manufacturing
  • General manufacturing

Agricultural and Environmental Technologies topics include:

  • Agriculture and aquaculture
  • Environmental technologies
  • Natural resources
  • Nuclear power
  • Solar energy
  • Wind power

Bio and Chemical Technologies topics include:

  • Biotechnology
  • Chemical and process technologies

Engineering Technologies topics include:

  • Electronics and controls
  • General engineering
  • Marine technologies
  • Materials technologies
  • Optics
  • Space technologies

General Advanced Technological Education topics include:

  • Evaluation
  • Learning research
  • Recruitment
  • Teacher preparation

Information and Security Technologies topics include:

  • Geospatial technologies
  • Information and communications technologies
  • Logistics
  • Security, information assurance, and forensics

Micro and Nanotechnologies topics include:

  • MEMS
  • Microsystems
  • Semiconductors
Screenshot for PV Array Install at Commercial Ave

This video, published by the Center for Renewable Energy Advanced Technological Education Resource Center (CREATE) and narrated by Joel Shoemaker, provides a virtual workshop on the installation of a solar photovoltaic (PV) array. In the video, an instructional sheet is provided. The document is composed of a solar PV array diagram and 15 steps, which include information on the installation of PV array racking and connecting the PV array to a junction box. Technicians also demonstrate how to complete each step. The video recording runs 23:00 minutes in length.

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Screenshot for Course Syllabus Standard Template: SMT 1100 Cyber Security/Networking in Manufacturing

This 6-page syllabus, published by Marion Technical College, provides a course template for teaching cyber security, databases, and networking in a manufacturing environment. In addition to general course information and standard college policies, the template offers a brief course description, ten course learning outcomes, and an 8-week course outline. Topics range from OSI models, IP addressing, and database design to risk assessment and defending against cyber attacks.

The document is part of a project that aims to standardize curriculum in Smart Manufacturing to educate future manufacturing technicians in advanced technology applications.

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Screenshot for Introduction to the Professional Development Formative Assessment System (PD-FAS)

This 7-page resource, from Edmonds Community College, provides information about the Professional Development Formative Assessment System (PD-FAS). PD-FAS was created by the Formative Assessment for Advanced Technician Education 2 (FAS4ATE2) project. This project created this assessment system to address two concerns: "how best to design formative assessment for [Advanced Technological Education] ATE PD and to discover what design factors allow for more effective reporting of student-level outcomes."

This document includes a glossary, introduction, the principles, definitions of assessment and evaluation, assumptions, background information, and more. The PD-FAS principles include:

  • Only learners (e.g., PD participants, students) can learn.
  • Instructors at any level facilitate the process of learning and can learn how to better facilitate learning.
  • To facilitate learning, both learners and instructors need to understand, in detail, the learners' thinking and progress.
  • When...

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Screenshot for What's Your Story?

This resource from the National Center for Autonomous Technologies (NCAT) provides stories about professionals in the autonomous technologies field. In these stories, professionals describe themselves, their professional background, their interests in autonomous technologies, their organizations and jobs, successes, failures, tips for prospective students, and future developments in autonomous technologies. Topics covered include autonomous simulation, unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), geographical information systems (GIS), disabilities, inclusive flight advocates, and more. 

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Screenshot for c3bc Medical Device Skill Standards

This 15-page document, published by the Community College Consortium for Bioscience Credentials (C3BC), explores medical device skill standards for bioscience professionals, developed by C3BC. These standards were developed for entry level positions, such as medical technicians or operators.

The document highlights the consortium's development process from 2012 to 2016, led by Sengyong Lee, including information on the initial groundwork for the standards and the various meetings that took place until they were officially introduced in 2016. Following this, the document highlights case studies on the implementation of standards in partnership with colleges throughout the United States. Finally, the document lists the medical device skill standards with a definition key. 

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Active ATE Projects 315
ATE Resources 6,669
New Projects/Centers 33
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ATE Resources by Subject Area

ATE Events by Subject Area

A graphic image of the NCTC logo

Update: National Convergence Technology Center Farewell

After years of dedicated service, the National Convergence Technology Center (CTC) is bidding farewell as its National Science Foundation (NSF) grant concludes this weekend. Initially established as regional grants in the 2000s, the CTC evolved into a national Advanced Technological Education grant recipient in 2012, with a renewal in 2017. Based at Collin College in North Texas, the CTC has been instrumental in aiding IT faculty, administrators, and students nationwide by providing industry insights, faculty training, and educational resources. They've also released a comprehensive "CTC Impacts" book PDF to highlight their numerous achievements and successes.

As the CTC's journey concludes, the baton will be passed to the National Information Technology Innovation Center (NITIC), located at Columbus State Community College in Ohio. NITIC will carry forward many of the CTC's initiatives while introducing new programs and projects to support a broader array of IT topics and disciplines. Collaborating with NITIC, Collin College, Lone Star College, and Sinclair Community College, partners of the National CTC grant, will continue their involvement as sub-awardees. Additionally, the...

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Technicians in a clean room at the U.S. National Science Foundation’s Northeast Advanced Technological Education Center

NSF Invests $45 Million in Semiconductors

The U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF) has unveiled a $45.6 million investment across 24 research and education initiatives, aided by the "CHIPS and Science Act of 2022," aimed at advancing semiconductor technologies, manufacturing, and workforce development. These projects are part of the NSF Future of Semiconductors (FuSe) program, conducted in collaboration with companies such as Ericsson, IBM, Intel, and Samsung. The program's primary objectives are to foster the growth of a skilled semiconductor workforce and to drive innovations in semiconductor technologies and systems, addressing the nation's need for a secure and reliable supply of semiconductor technologies.

The FuSe program supports three key research areas: domain-specific computing, advanced function and high performance by heterogeneous integration, and new materials for energy-efficient and sustainable semiconductor systems. In addition to NSF funding, this initiative is supported by annual contributions from industry leaders, including Ericsson, IBM, Intel, and Samsung. This public-private partnership aims to guide research priorities, accelerate technology development, and prepare the future workforce while...

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A graphic image of a computer and a lock

Biden-⁠Harris Administration Announces National Cyber Workforce Strategy

The Biden-Harris Administration has unveiled a comprehensive strategy aimed at bolstering America's cyber workforce and education initiatives. The initiative, known as the National Cyber Workforce and Education Strategy, aims to harness and develop the nation's cyber talent to address growing cybersecurity challenges.

This strategy recognizes the increasing importance of cybersecurity in an interconnected world and seeks to address the critical shortage of skilled cybersecurity professionals. It emphasizes the need for collaborative efforts between government agencies, educational institutions, and the private sector to promote cybersecurity education and training.

The National Cyber Workforce and Education Strategy by the Biden-Harris Administration has four key objectives:

1. Foundational Cyber Skills for All: Provide basic cyber skills to all Americans, promoting their use and global progress in this area.

2. Transforming Cyber Education: Enhance cyber education from K-12 to higher education, making it more affordable and competency-based while investing in educators.

3. Expanding the National Cyber Workforce: Grow the cyber workforce through collaboration, skills-based...

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The logo for NCyTE

Upcoming Student Event: National Cybersecurity Virtual Career Fair

STEM students may be interested in attending National Cybersecurity Training and Education (NCyTE) Center's upcoming virtual career fair. 

Students can attend the fair on September 22, 2023,  and follow along as the National Cybersecurity Training and Education (NCyTE) along with the Centers of Academic Excellence (CAE) in cybersecurity community presents the highly anticipated National Cybersecurity Virtual Career Fair (VCF). This event is an opportunity for both students and alumni hailing from over 300 distinguished institutions, including Centers of Academic Excellence in Research (CAE-R), Cyber Defense (CAE-CD), and Cyber Operations (CAE-CO), as well as institutions awaiting approval under the Candidate's Program. 

What sets the National Cybersecurity VCF apart is its unwavering commitment to fostering connections between aspiring cybersecurity professionals and industry-leading employers. Employers can also join the VCF interest list and showcase their organization to a diverse array of top-tier talent. With the continuous expansion of the CAE in Cybersecurity program, each year brings a surge in student participation, with the previous year boasting a remarkable turnout of...

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