ATE Microsite Service

Having a website can be a critical tool in supporting outreach efforts and connecting with your audience and collaborators.  But development and maintenance of a website is time consuming, and establishing a web presence to showcase progress, events, and deliverables while staying within budget and on schedule can be difficult.  And even if your center or project budget includes the resources to develop a website, it can take months to get a site up and running, during which time other project elements may suffer from having no online presence.

ATE Central’s Microsite Service helps address these issues through a tool that allows ATE projects and centers to very quickly and easily create their own mini website, and use that site to share documents, publish curriculum materials, announce events and publications, and disseminate the products and progress of their grant.

If you have questions, or want a microsite for your project or center, just drop us a note at

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

web site constructionHow do I get a microsite of my own?

Just send a brief note to to let us know that you want a microsite, and we will quickly get you set up.

Do I have to pay anything for my microsite?

No!  The microsite service is free for all ATE centers and projects.

Is it really quick and easy?

Yes!  Microsite pages are created and edited right in your web browser, using a drag & drop interface.

Can I change the URL for my site?

Yes!  You can edit the URL path for your site via the control panel.  ATE microsites can be reached via the domains "" and "".  So, for example, if your URL path was "xyztec", your site could be reached at both "" and "" – it's up to you which one you want to use.

Can I add photos to my site?

Yes!  Photos can be uploaded and inserted into a Text block alongside other content, or uploaded and displayed via an Image block.  If you upload multiple photo into an Image block, they'll automatically be displayed in a rotating image carousel.

Can I put up documents (PDFs, slides, etc) for people to download from my site?

Yes!  Files can be uploaded and linked to as part of the content in Text blocks.

Can I add multiple pages to my site?

Yes!  Just click on the "Add New Page" button on the control panel.  New pages will automatically appear in the site navigation once published, and you can rearrange that navigation from the control panel.  (Don't forget to click on "Publish" for a new page, once it's ready to go!)

Do changes appear on the site immediately?

No – changes to a page are saved as a draft version (visible only to you) until you click the Publish button.  New pages will also not appear in the navigation until they're published.

How can having a microsite help me with the NSF ATE archiving requirement?

ATE Central is the official archive for materials created with ATE funding.  If your materials are uploaded to your microsite, they'll be readily available to the ATE Central team when it's time to archive, and you won't have to worry about any potential complications from your college's IT administration (e.g. a server going offline or being moved).