Save the Date: Drone Safety Day

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The  Federal Aviation Administration

The Federal Aviation Administration's logo for Drone Safety Day 2022

This year's Drone Safety Day 2022 is on June 18th, hosted by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

This day highlights the importance of drone awareness as drones are the fastest-growing aviation area with over 860,000 drones registered and over 260,000 Remote Pilots have been certified, according to the FAA. This year's message on drone safety is Fly RIGHT: 

  • Register your drone – DroneZone
  • Interact with others
  • Gain knowledge
  • Have a safety plan
  • Trust and Train

The FAA is focusing on five topics surrounding drone awareness. Education on how to safely operate drones and how drones are being used in education. Equity in opening opportunities for all operators. Highlight the economic, societal, and safety benefits of using drone technology. Emergencies like learning how drones are used in emergency situations such as natural disasters, search and rescue, firefighting, public safety, and other uses. Finally, environment such as understanding the environmental and sustainability benefits from drone technology. 

The FAA's website has more information on the upcoming Drone Safety Day, including events, resources, and opportunities to get involved. 

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