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In This Issue

Electronics Technology

Featured Resources in Electronics Technology


Electronics Lab

This Web site offers a one-stop shop for electronic projects with images, circuits with full descriptions, schematics and diagrams for printed circuit boards (PCBs), integrated circuits, and homemade electronic devices. This site supports an active electronics hobbyist community with free electronics articles, a blog, tutorials, question and answer area, design tips and hints, and an online electronics market with no registration required that allows people to buy and sell electronic parts and devices. This is a good site to search while the old soldering iron is heating up for electronics components, testing equipment, electronic kits, and detailed schematics and diagrams for almost any kind of electronic project including: amplifier, audio and noise, MIDI, counter, radio, simulators, sensors, measurement, temperature detectors, timing and timers, and video.

From Marine Advanced technology Education Support Center (MATE):

MATE Module 8: Control Systems: Review of Electronics

This module from the Marine Advanced Technology Education Center provides a review of electronics basics as they are applied to design of Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicles (ROVs). Students will learn to identify electronic components and describe their purpose, describe the differences between Linear and Switching power supplies, select the proper resistors required for various power supply output voltages and describe the purpose of power supply filter capacitors. A PowerPoint presentation of the lecture material is available for download. Login (free) is required to view the module.

From Florida Advanced Technological Education Center (FLATE):

Community Connection

2015 PI Meeting

Preparing for the ATE PI Conference: October 21-23, 2015

For projects and centers old and new, the annual PI conference offers a chance to share experiences, collaborate, learn, and meet other members of the ATE community. While the actual conference will not take place until October, now is a great time to make sure you're prepared. Keep in mind that the deadline for conference registration and conference block hotel reservations is September 24th.

We’ve compiled some helpful information below that you may find useful as you get ready for the PI conference:

  • ATE Central Centers and Projects Map. The ATE Central Centers and Projects map, located on the ATE Central home page, is a great way to help you learn about possible collaborators in your field, as well as identify just who may be at the PI conference. With the map, you can search through projects and centers by area of the country or by subject area (i.e. manufacturing, nanotechnology, welding, etc.) While you are browsing the map, now is also a good time to make sure that your project or center’s record is up to date. Let us know if you have new resource URLs, a new project description, other social media outlets, or a website we should know about. We can best support and amplify your efforts when we have up-to-date information about your project or center and its deliverables.
  • ATE Central Outreach Kit. The ATE Central Outreach Kit can help projects and centers come up with an outreach plan or some specific outreach ideas. Leading up to the PI meeting, the Communication section of the Outreach Kit might be particularly helpful: it includes tips on creating a mission statement and designing key messages so you can get the word out about your project or center.
  • ATE@20 Book + Blog. The ATE@20 Book and corresponding blog continue to be a great resource for getting the word about ATE and the wonderful work being done throughout our community. But the blog and book are also a great way for you to learn more about the ATE community before heading to the PI meeting. Take a read through the book online to get a good overview of the history of the ATE program and stop by the ATE Central booth to look at the print copy – we’ll be happy to mail copies to you for use in your own outreach efforts. And of course, if you have an idea for a blog post before or after the PI Conference don’t hesitate to get in touch at – we’d love to help you get the word out about the impact of your project or center!
  • PI Meeting App. Plan which sessions to attend and track your PI meeting experiences with the annual PI meeting app. This year's app will be available in October, so keep an eye out for it on the ATE Central PI Conference page.
  • ATE Community Resources. There are a number of free tools and resources available throughout the ATE community that can also help you prepare your project or center for the PI conference. Make sure to check out EvaluATE, ATE Centers, MentorConnect, and AACC among others.

Please contact us at and let us know how we can support your ongoing efforts. We look forward to seeing you in DC!


ATE Success Tips: Websites

What Makes a Great Website?

Research has shown that it only takes about 50 milliseconds for users to form a first impression about a website (Lindgaard et al., 2006). Once made, these impressions are often lasting, and therefore it's crucial to capture the attention of viewers right away with a well-designed site. So, what does this type of webpage look like? According to Pearson UK, here are ten attributes often found on the best sites on the web. If your project or center is looking to create or renovate its current website, keep these characteristics in mind:

  • Easy to find
    Your target audience should have no trouble being able to locate your site
  • Fast to download
    Avoid any graphics that take too long to download completely
  • Compatible
    Make sure your site is compatible with web browsers across the board - Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.
  • Easy to read
    Use language and a design that's easy for all ages and eyes
  • Up to date
    Add new and relevant content often and get rid of the info that has become outdated
  • Free content
    Make free content for viewers to read or download readily available
  • Easy to join
    Make a space on your site that invites users to subscribe to newsletters, updates, etc.
  • Good links
    Include links to outside info that your audience may enjoy or find useful
  • Simple
    The layout/design of your site should be arranged in a way that is easily navigable for all web users
  • Silent
    Flashing icons or music may annoy your site's visitors; so if sound is important to you, make it optional

Think about the web sites that you find most appealing. Do they include some or all of the listed attributes? When creating or renovating a site, make sure to keep these attributes in mind, to make the first impression of your web page a great one.

Did You Know?

According to the American Association of Community Colleges’ (AACC) 2015 Community College Fact Sheet, community college students make up 46% of all U.S. undergraduates. Of those enrolled in community college, 36% are first generation college students.

ATE Events

Ongoing Events
Info OKCareerGuide Training Online
Ag/Env Intro to Sustainable Energy I Online
Ag/Env NRGY 102 - Intro to Sustainable Energy II Online
Eng Writing for Environmental Professionals Online
Ag/Env NRGY 241 - Alternative Fuels Missoula, MT
Mfg Fab Lab Machine Training: A 4-Module Series Appleton, WI
Gen (ISC)2 SSCP Course Online
Upcoming Events
Gen Assessment for Student Success: Building Academic Innovation & Renewal Philadelphia, PA
Nano Using Carbon-14 to Investigate the Response of Natural Methane Emissions to Global Warming Rochester, NY
Mfg Explore the Fab Lab: Complimentary Event Appleton, WI
Gen ATE Mentor-Connect Application Deadline Online
Eng Community Partners for Sustainability Grayslake, IL
Info OKCareerGuide Training Burns Flat, OK
Gen Opportunities for NSF ATE Program Funding & Mentor-Connect Grant Writing Support for ATE Online
Eng Wonders of Light: Family Science Fun Washington, DC
Gen "The Game of Life" Financial Teen Summit Cleveland, OH
Eng Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning - Training Course Online
Eng Profesional Development Workshop for Informal Educators Eugene, OR
Nano Curriculum Delivery Workshops: Nanotechnology Course Resources I: Safety, Processing, and Materials University Park, PA
Info EMCs Information Storage & Management v2 (ISM) Online
Ag/Env Solar Power International Anaheim, CA
Eng IBEX 2015: The International Boatbuilders Exhibition & Conference Louisville, KY
Eng The Battery Show Novi, MI
Eng Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo Novi, MI
Info Teacher Institute 2015-2016 Cohort ,
Info Continuing Teacher Academy Session Owasso, OK
Gen Opportunity Night Cleveland, OH
Mfg Engineering Technology Forum Orlando, FL
Info Robot C Programming for Teachers Starting El Reno, OK
Gen MakerCon New York 2015 Corona, New York
Info Q&A with CyberWatch West Representatives Online
Gen FabLearn 2015 Stanford, CA
Gen Community Connections: Bringing Together Scientists+Local Voices Houston, TX
Ag/Env AWEA Offshore Windpower Baltimore, MD
Eng SMART Maritime Technologies Consortium Meeting Virginia Beach, VA
Eng 2015 MICHauto Summit Detroit, Michigan
Info PLTW-Getting Started-LMS Training-McAlester McAlester, OK
Info Project Lead The Way-Learning Management System (Intermediate) McAlester, OK
Info SIGITE/RIIT 2015 Chicago, Illinois
Mfg Dream It. Do It. Minnesota Statewide Tour of Manufacturing Online
Gen 3rd Annual Visualizing Science Policy 20x20 & Resource Fair Washington, DC
Gen 3rd Annual Visualizing Science Policy 20x20 & Resource Fair Washington, DC
Eng Maritime Education and Training Summit A Collaboration for the Industry's Future Linthicum Heights, MD
Gen SCUP 2015 North Central Regional Conference Columbus, OH
Eng Intermediate Environmental Social Marketing Strategy Online
Ag/Env Wine Sensory Analysis Workshop - Texas Bryan, TX
Mfg Fab Lab Open House Appleton, WI
Gen Project 2061 Workshop: Developing and Using Assessments Aligned to Science Learning Goals Washington, DC
Eng WEBINAR: Resources for Educators of Building Technicians Online
Ag/Env Wine Chemistry Workshop - Texas Bryan, TX
Gen SCUP 2015 Southern Regional Conference Fort Worth, TX
Nano Curriculum Delivery Workshops: Course Resources II: Patterning, Characterization, and Applications University Park, PA
Eng SPIE Optifab Rochester, NY
Eng National Council for Workforce Education Annual Conference: Workforce Education for All! Portland, OR
Gen Initiating and Sustaining Undergraduate Research Programs Columbia, MO
Mfg Southern Automotive Conference Nashville, TN
Gen GIS-Pro & NWGIS 2015 Spokane, WA
Eng OSA Frontiers in Optics Laser Science San Jose, CA
Info 26th Annual Virginia GIS Conference Charlottesville, VA
Mfg Alabama Joint Leadership Development Conference Birmingham, AL
Info ATE PI Conference Washington, DC
Ag/Env Wine Sensory Analysis Workshop - Wisconsin Green Bay, WI
Gen Research Expereinces for Undergraduate Sympsoium (REUS) Arlington, VA
Ag/Env Spatial Models for Distance Sampling Data Durham, NC
Mfg National Career Pathways Network Conference: Linking Education and Economic Prosperity Dallas, TX
Info Project Lead the Way Counselor Conference 2015 Sapulpa, OK
Gen Climate Science, 50 Years Later Washington, D.C.
Info Content Is King: National CyberWatch Center Curriculum Updated & What It Means for Your Institution Online
Info STEMtech Conference Phoenix, Arizona
Mfg Materials in STEM (M-STEM) Irvine, CA
Info National Initiative for CyberSecurity Education Conference and Expo San Diego, CA
Gen NSF Cyberlearning Solicitation Webinar Online
Ag/Env Wine Sensory Analysis Workshop - KS Olathe, Kansas
Gen Creative Inquiry in the Arts and Humanities Institute Greensboro, NC
Gen Leading with Goals Workshop Cleveland, OH
Mfg FABTECH Show Chicago, IL
Nano 2015 ATMAE Conference: Building Bridges Pittsburgh, PA
Gen AAAS Leadership Seminar in Science and Technology Policy Washington, D.C.
Info CareerTech Women in Leadership Lawson, OK
Nano Hands-on Introduction to Nanotechnology for Educators University Park, PA
Info NTHS State Leadership Conference Norman, OK
Eng SMART Maritime Technologies Consortium Meeting Virginia Beach, VA
Eng ACTE CareerTech VISION 2015 New Orleans, LA
Info Stop.Think.Connect Program Online

For more events, please visit the ATE Central Events page or, if you have any upcoming events that you would like posted on ATE Central or in the ATE Central Connection, please submit them online.

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News & Reminders

SRI International releases report on workforce education partnerships

SRI International’s Education Division has just completed a six-year National Science Foundation (NSF) research project on community college-employer collaboration. More information on the study, as well as related publications, information, and tools, can be found here.

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Can CWIS software help support your project goals?

CWIS is open source software, created with NSF funding, that can help your project or center showcase resources online. It's free and very easy to use. The latest version (CWIS 3.2.0) was released on and is available for download on the Scout site. Please email if you have any questions or would like a quick tour of its features!

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