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Unit Description:

FLATE, the Florida Advanced Technological Education Center for Manufacturing, has developed a series of “Made in Florida” lesson plans to prepare students for careers in manufacturing. These Lesson Plans are intended to enrich science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) classes and provide your students with real world scenarios relevant to manufacturers throughout Florida. 

Each model lesson includes materials needed to “engage students with authentic and sometimes unresolved challenges faced by manufacturing companies today.” 

Lesson Description:

This lesson from FLATE focuses on the general properties of matter and the importance of selecting an appropriate unit system for the design and manufacturing processes. In considering this topic, students will: 1) Understand the general properties of matter such as mass, volume, density, and weight, 2) Understand and compare concepts of mass and weight, and its relation to volume and density, 3) Manipulate variables and use the appropriate unit system towards desired computational outcomes, and 4) Integrate and apply science, math, and technology.

The completion of the lesson in full takes two 55-minute class periods. Resources available as part of this lesson include a Teacher Lesson Plan, a Student Worksheet, a Teacher Grading Rubric, and a Company Fact Sheet. 

For orientation purposes, viewers should begin with the ‘SUNHYDRAULICS- Teacher Lesson Plan HS’ PDF document, which offers a description of the lesson as well as an overview of topics covered and the intended audience.

Lesson Contents:

The Lesson Plan document includes learning objectives, targeted subject areas and manufacturing levels, relevant Florida Department of Education Sunshine-Standards, required materials and supplies, a detailed sequence for both teacher presentation and student completion of the lesson, answer keys, and a section for extensions and additional resources.

The four page Student Worksheet, designed to be used throughout the multi-day lesson, includes an introduction to the general concepts of matter, instructions for activities, and tables and diagrams necessary to complete the activities.

The Teacher Grading Rubric provides areas for assessment of the What’s A Matter activity, the Rolling Your Weight Activity, and student participation.

The Company Information Fact Sheet provides general information about the Sun Hydraulics Corporation, including their manufacturing process and education level and position requirements for students interested in the company. 

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