Course Description:
This course was developed by Roane State Community College and The Center for Advanced Automotive Technology (CAAT). In this course students will be introduced to robotic welding systems and learn how to perform basic procedures. Students will learn how to create welding routines, program weld paths, and be able to store and retrieve programs and parameters. Students will learn to program a welding robot through a teach pendant and simulation software, edit programs, set weld schedules and learn basic operator controls and indicators on the teach pendant and operator panel. This course also provides fundamental safety precautions while programming and operating the robotic equipment.

Course Contents:
Course materials include a 5-page syllabus, 14 PowerPoint lectures, and 15 lesson plans. The syllabus includes a course description, course learning outcomes, a course topics roadmap, and other course related information. 

The lessons plans include objectives; a list of materials, equipment, and supplies needed; instructional resources; a list of activities and demonstrations; teaching suggestions, and assessment information. 

Below is a list of the files contained within the .zip attachment. The size of each file is included in parenthesis. 

MECH2700_Robotic_Welding (35 files, 50 MB)

  • Lectures
    • Introduction and Safety (Mech 2700 Robotic Welding  PPT1  Introduction and Safety.pptx 6.8 MB)
    • Basic Robot Operations (Mech 2700 Robotic Welding  PPT2 Basic Robot Operation.pptx 8.1 MB)
    • WeldPRO Software: Teach Pendant Operation (Mech 2700 Robotic Welding  PPT3  Teach Pendant Operation.pptx 5.2 MB)
    • WeldPRO Software: Power Up, Jogging, and Initial Setup (Mech 2700 Robotic Welding  PPT4 Power up Jogging Initial Set Up.pptx 4.5 MB)
    • WeldPRO Software: Error and Fault Recovery (Mech 2700 Robotic Welding  PPT5  Error and Fault Recovery.pptx 1.4 MB)
    • WeldPRO Software: Frames (Mech 2700 Robotic Welding  PPT6  Frames.pptx 3.6 MB)
    • WeldPRO Software: Motion Programs (Mech 2700 Robotic Welding  PPT7  Motion Programs.pptx 1.5 MB)
    • Motion Instructions (Mech 2700 Robotic Welding  PPT8 Motion Instructions.pptx 3.2 MB)
    • Copy and Editing Programs (Mech 2700 Robotic Welding  PPT9 Copying and Editing Programs.pptx 2 MB)
    • Branching Instructions (Mech 2700 Robotic Welding  PPT10 Branching Instructions.pptx 1.2 MB)
    • Position Registers (Mech 2700 Robotic Welding  PPT11 Position Registers.pptx 1.6 MB)
    • Inputs and Outputs (Mech 2700 Robotic Welding  PPT12 Inputs and Outputs.pptx 3.4 MB)
    • Macros (Mech 2700 Robotic Welding  PPT13 Macros.pptx 1.2 MB)
    • Program Adjust (Mech 2700 Robotic Welding  PPT14 Program Adjust.pptx 1 MB)
    • Thumbnails (Thumbs.db 15 KB)
  • Lesson Plans
    • Lesson Plan 1 (Lesson Plan Week 1 MECH 2700.docx 186 KB)
    • Lesson Plan 2 (Lesson Plan Week 2 MECH 2700.docx 353 KB)
    • Lesson Plan 3 (Lesson Plan Week 3 MECH 2700.docx 353 KB)
    • Lesson Plan 4 Lesson Plan Week 4 MECH 2700.docx 353 KB)
    • Lesson Plan 5 (Lesson Plan Week 5 MECH 2700.docx 353 KB)
    • Lesson Plan 6 (Lesson Plan Week 6 MECH 2700.docx 353 KB)
    • Lesson Plan 7 (Lesson Plan Week 7 MECH 2700.docx 353 KB)
    • Lesson Plan 8 (Lesson Plan Week 8 MECH 2700.docx 353 KB)
    • Lesson Plan 9 (Lesson Plan Week 9 MECH 2700.docx 353 KB)
    • Lesson Plan 10 (Lesson Plan Week 10 MECH 2700.docx 353 KB)
    • Lesson Plan 11 (Lesson Plan Week 11 MECH 2700.docx 353 KB)
    • Lesson Plan 12 (Lesson Plan Week 12 MECH 2700.docx 353 KB)
    • Lesson Plan 13 (Lesson Plan Week 13 MECH 2700.docx 353 KB)
    • Lesson Plan 14 (Lesson Plan Week 14 MECH 2700.docx 353 KB)
    • Lesson Plan 15 (Lesson Plan Week 15 MECH 2700.docx 353 KB)
  • Syllabus
    • Syllabus, Robotic Welding, MECH 2700 (Syllabus, Robotic Welding, MECH 2700.docx 229 KB)
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