Stay In the Loop with ATE

Whether you're new to ATE or a seasoned grantee, sometimes it's hard to stay connected with everything going on in the community given the diverse range of projects and centers nationwide.  This section of ATE Central is designed to help you stay in the loop through pathways to ATE related news, activities and events.


ATE Central brings together event information from all ATE projects and centers and aggregates that information into a single calendar.  The Events Calendar includes events sponsored and attended by members of the community, as well as outside conferences and webinars that pertain to advanced technological education in general. Many projects and centers have their own separate events calendars also - so visit ATE Central's project and center map to connect with indivudal  websites to see their events. 

Social Media

The ATE Social Media Directory provides a list of ATE centers and projects that are using social media, along with some ATE partners and collaborators, so that you can easily find them for best practices, professional development, and staying in touch with the ATE community.

ATE Projects and Centers 

ATE Central's project and center map provides an easy way to connect with ATE grantees.  You can display projects and centers separately or all together and can filter the results by a particular discipline area using the color coded disciplines listed below the map.  You can also create a list by clicking on the list button to the right of each discipline descriptor.  information about each individual project or center includes a brief overview of their activities and goals, their home institution, a link to their website if they have one and contact information. 

ATE Newsletters

Below is a sampling of ATE community newsletters - these free publications are a great way to stay in touch with what's happening in ATE.  The ATE Central Connection newsletter provides a monthly overview of ATE news and events along with tips for grantees related to outreach and web design, interviews with community members and overviews of publications or reports of interest to the education community.  


Agricultural and Environmental

Viticulture and Enology Science and Technology Alliance (VESTA)



CAAT (Center for Advanced Automotive Technology)

National Aerospace Technical Education Center (SpaceTEC)


Information and Security

GeoTech Center


Advanced Manufacturing

Florida Advanced Technological Education (FLATE) Center


Bio and Chemical



General Advanced Technological Education

ATE Central


Problem Based Learning Projects