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In This Issue

Featured Resources Related to HI-TEC Workshop Topics

For a complete listing of workshops, check out the HI-TEC Schedule on the conference website.

From Maricopa Advanced Technology Educational Center (MATEC):

From Discovering the Educational Consequences of Advanced Technological Education (DECA) Project:

Research Report 1: The Sustainability of the Advanced Technological Education Program (December 2011)

This report, part one of two, contains a description of the study methodology from Findings from the Targeted Research Grant: Assessing the Impact and Sustainability of the Advanced Technological Education Program (NSF Grant Number 0832874). “The purpose of this research is to assess the sustainability (persistence or continuation) and impact (effect or influence) of Advanced Technological Education (ATE) grants. The general findings will be presented in two reports. Report 1 is a description of the research process and the sustainability findings. Report II will present general findings about the impact of ATE grants.” In part one, readers will find information on the question “What is the level of sustainability of programs and activities implemented by institutions that received NSF/ATE grants?”

From Southwest Center for Microsystems Education (SCME):

Crystallography Learning Module

This page from the Southwest Center for Microsystems Education features a learning module which provides a solid overview of crystallography. Additionally, activities are included on the Miller Index, Breaking Wafers, and creating an Origami Crystal. A participant guide, instructor guide (both in PDF format) and a comprehensive PowerPoint presentation are included. Users are encouraged to register and log in in order to access the full content on the site.

Community Connection


ATE Newsletters

Whether you're new to ATE or a seasoned grantee, sometimes it's hard to stay connected with everything going on in the community given the diverse range of projects and centers nationwide. Newsletters are a great resource for staying in touch with what's happening in the ATE community and learning more about project and center activities. Below, is a sampling of newsletters currently distributed and published by projects and centers across ATE areas and regions of the country. If your project or center creates a newsletter that we don’t have listed here, please contact us and let us know about it at!

Agricultural and Environmental
Viticulture and Enology Science and Technology Alliance (VESTA)

CAAT (Center for Advanced Automotive Technology)
National Aerospace Technical Education Center (SpaceTEC)

Information and Security
BATEC (Broadening Advanced Technological Education Connections)
CyberWatch West
GeoTech Center
(MPICT) Mid-Pacific Information and Communication Technologies
National Center for Supply Chain Technology Education
Multimedia Grant Program at Columbia College

Advanced Manufacturing
Florida Advanced Technological Education (FLATE) Center
Technology and Innovation in Manufacturing & Engineering (TIME) Center

Bio and Chemical
Bio-Link: Educating the BioTechnology Workforce

General Advanced Technological Education
ATE Central
Problem Based Learning Projects

For more ways to stay connected, check out the Stay in the Loop section of the ATE Central portal designed to help you discover a variety of pathways to ATE related news, activities and events.

Social Media Keyboard

ATE Success Tips: Social Media

Have You Updated Your Social Media Profiles Recently?

Social media platforms are a great way to share the latest news about your project or center, and also to contribute to the online ATE community. But when was the last time your project or center updated its social media profile? It’s easy to fall into usage patterns or get caught up in the buzz of the semester and forget to go back and update the dozens of fields that make up a profile. However, social media profiles act as windows into the work being done by your project or center. If done correctly, they can drive students, parents, and administrators to your website or other online material or events, promote some of your best content, and lead to new partnerships and collaborations. Consider the following tips to make your profile impressive, discoverable, and up-to-date.


  • In addition to sharing basic information about your project or center, adding your website and email address to your profile is essential to drawing in interested students, parents, and partnerships.
  • Social media bios should always be catered to the social network and the audience of that particular profile. For example, your Facebook bio can be a bit more fun and informal than your LinkedIn bio, which should be more focused and geared to groups and networking partnerships.
  • Though each profile bio will differ, your project or center’s name or handle should be consistent across all networks. This allows people to find you more easily.


  • You should always make sure to have photos fall within the dimensions (image size) recommended for a certain network.
  • With profile images, simple is usually better. The cover photo’s job is to be eye-catching and reflect who you are. Your project or center’s logo is a great example of what to use, so that people know who they’re following or talking to.
  • Image consistency across social networks will help people connect with and trust you. If someone follows you on Twitter and seeks you out on Facebook, using the same profile photo will increase your chances of them finding the right account, and following you. It’s also an easy way to cross-promote your project or center’s work.

Did You Know?

According to the American Association of Community Colleges 2015 Fact Sheet, 750,399 Associate degrees and 459,073 Certificates were awarded in 2012-2013 in the United States.

ATE Events

Ongoing Events
Bio/Chem Bioscience Industry Fellows Program Winston Salem, NC
Mfg Plastics-In-Motion Dearborn, Michigan
Gen CISSP Online
Mfg Welding Course for Educators: Metallurgy E Peoria, IL
Bio/Chem 17th Annual Bio-Link Summer Fellows Forum Berkeley, CA
Upcoming Events
Nano CNF Short Course: Technology & Characterization at the Nanoscale (CNF TCN) Ithaca, NY
Eng TU Automotive Detroit 2015 Novi, MI
Mfg Digital Fabrication Workshop White Bear Lake, MN
Info Open Source Software Louisville, KY
Gen WomenTech Educators Online Training Online
Mfg 2015 Advanced Manufacturing Careers Institute Tampa, FL
Gen ISACA (CISM) Online
Mfg STAR (Students, Technology, and Robots) Camp St. Cloud, MN
Ag/Env ArcGIS Online Workshop Louisville, KY
Info Simple Python using ArcPY Workshop Louisville, KY
Info Learning to Leverage the Tools and Products of the GeoTech Center Louisville, KY
Info Pictometry and POL for Educators Workshop Louisville, KY
Info Using Collector for Field Data Workshop Louisville, KY
Info Georeferencing and Digitization Workshop Louisville, KY
Info Implementation of the Geospatial Awareness Course Louisville, KY
Eng SMART Maritime Technologies Consortium Meeting Virginia Beach, VA
Info Open Geospatial Educational Forum Louisville, KY
Mfg Digital Fabrication Workshop White Bear Lake, MN
Info GeoEd '15 Conference Louisville, KY
Mfg Robotics Challenge Mankato, MN
Gen Checklists for Improving Evaluation Practice Online
Ag/Env Sparkling Wine Workshop Dobson, NC
Mfg Learn and Build Camp Mankato, MN
Info Nuts and Bolts of Unmanned Aerial Vechicles (UAVs) Louisville, KY
Gen WomenTech Educators Training Emeryville, CA
Gen WomenTech Educators Training Emeryville, CA
Ag/Env Sensory (Wine Tasting) Workshop Manhattan, KS
Eng International Year of Light Public Event Fort Pierce, FL
Eng ITEC 2015 USA Dearborn, MI
Eng The American Society for Enegineering Education Annual Conference and Exposition Seattle,, WA
Info Summer Working Connections South 401 W. State St, Jacksonville
Mfg Intro EV3 Robotics Camp – Middle School for Girls Tampa, FL
Info The National Colloquium for Information Systems Security Education Las Vegas, Nevada
Mfg Welding Course for Educators: Joining and Cutting Processes E Peoria, IL
Mfg Welding Course for Educators: Weld Quality and Inspection, Welding Codes, Specifications and Safety Wahpeton, ND
Gen Instructor Conference: Utilizing Student Smartphone & Other EHS Interactive Presentation Techniques Eden Prairie, MN
Gen Project Access Workshop at Midland, TX Midland, TX
Eng The Autonomous Vehicle Test and Development Symposium Stuttgart,
Gen Project Access Workshop Online
Gen AAAS Charles Valentine Riley Memorial Lecture Washington, DC
Info 2015 Community College Cyber Summit (3CS) North Las Vegas, NV
Mfg 2015 Florida Energy Teachers' Network (FETN) Workshop Longwood, Florida
Gen Making Changes: Learning from Social Science Research to Drive Behavior Change Washington, DC
Gen Neuroscience and Society Series: Infant Development Washington, DC
Ag/Env Canopy Management – Crop Adjustment Dobson, NC
Mfg Intro EV3 Robotics Camp – Middle School Tampa, FL
Mfg Welding Course for Educators: Design/ Assembly/ Robotic Welding Santa Clarita, CA
Ag/Env VESTA Napa Summer Workshop Series: Retailing Wine St. Helena, CA
Gen Undergraduate Research Programs: Building, Enhancing, Sustaining Norman, OK
Nano 2015 MNT Conference Seattle, WA
Ag/Env Wine Quality and Analysis Dobson, NC
Gen 15th Annual Barnard Lecture Washington, DC
Gen Netlabs+ User Community Workshop Online
Mfg Intro EV3 Robotics Camp – Middle School Tampa, FL
Gen Virtual Enterprise Faculty Development Seminar 2015 Innovation & Entrepreneurship in STEM Education New York, NY
Mfg Multi-Axis Educators Workshop Auburn, Maine
Gen Summer Teachers' Dissemination Workshop Farmington, CT
Info Summer Working Connections Texas Frisco, TX
Mfg Intermediate EV3 Robotics Camp Tampa, FL
Info 1st CReST Faculty Development Workshop Arlington, VA
Bio/Chem BIOMAN 2015 Bloomington, IN
Mfg Welding Course for Educators: Metallurgy Marysville, CA
Ag/Env Intermediate Winemaking at Home Dobson, NC
Mfg Stem Girls Camp Mankato, MN
Ag/Env VESTA Napa Summer Workshop Series: Unlocking Wine St. Helena, CA
Info OpenStreetMap, Active Learning in the Classroom for Humanitarian Need Online
Gen Proposal Writing Institute 2015 Minnetonka, MN
Gen AAAS Science and Human Rights Coalition Meeting Corporations, Human Rights, Science and Technology Washington, DC
Info ESRI Education GIS Conference: Learning and Leading Through Service San Diego, CA
Mfg Robotics Summer Camp Bemidji, MN
Gen CSSIA 2015 Version of Security+ Online
Eng Guitar Building Workshop for Educators, Students and Hobbyists Lynnwood, WA
Eng North American Council of Automotive Teachers Conference Joliet, IL
Mfg Intermediate EV3 Robotics Camp Tampa, FL
Gen Instructor Conference: Utilizing Student Smartphone & Other EHS Interactive Presentation Techniques Rochester, NY
Info The Seventh Annual NGTC Geospatial Technology Summer Workshop, 2015 San Diego, CA
Eng 2015 High Impact Technology Exchange Conference- Educating America's Technical Workforce Portland, Oregon
Mfg High School Engineering Technology Camp Tampa, FL
Mfg FACTE Annual Conference Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
Gen Project Access Workshop Stony Point High School Round Rock, TX

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