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Salinas Valley Consortium for Sustainable Energy, Education and Research

Hartnell College is creating 2+2+2 career pathways for technicians, engineers, and engineering designers in the emerging fields of sustainable energy, power engineering and engineering design. The goals of the project are to (1) improve the STEM pipeline from two area high schools to Hartnell College and to the University of California at Santa Cruz, (2) integrate renewable energy technologies into existing curricula at participating high schools and Hartnell, and (3) prepare students to work in sustainable energy and engineering technologies jobs. The project is forming a consortium of at least 10 partners, including industry, in sustainable energy education; creating and supporting new energy career pathways; increasing student enrollment in high school and bridge program sustainable energy programs; developing and implementing an internship program; and using a newly constructed sustainable energy and research facility. Project deliverables include new courses, research findings from student projects, a model consortium, high school outreach and instructional materials, and project evaluation data. On the site, visitors will find information and pictures about the project, its partners, the program, and its participants.

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Award Number 1104311
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ATE Start Date 2011-06-01
ATE Expiration Date 2014-08-31
ATE Principal Investigator Alicia Steinhardt
Primary Institution Hartnell College
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