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Module Description:

This module, created by the Center for Nanotechnology Education (Nano-Link), introduces students to nanofiltration, a technique that can remove "even the smallest of pathogens" from community water sources. In this module students will "use a model to illustrate the relationships and interactions between clean water, micro- and nano-contaminants found in local water sources, and mechanical water treatment mechanisms." Topics covered include: societal impacts of contaminated water sources, typical water treatment methods, waterborne pathogens, applications of nano-filtration, and more. During the learning activity students model a mechanical water filter and a nanofilter using a cheesecloth and a LifeStraw microfilter, respectively. 

Objectives for this learning module are:

  • Distinguish among different sizes of objects at the micro- and nanoscale and how they influence the design of technology.
  • Understand how to compare different models by identifying the benefits, risks, and limitations of each.

Module Contents:

This module includes an instructor guide and two presentation slides.

The 12-page instructor guide includes an abstract, background information on water treatment, an activity description and procedure, discussion questions, and more. The presentation slides are part of the nanofiltration learning activity and include background information on the history of contaminated drinking water in the United States, pathogens and other contaminants of community water sources, microfiltration, nanofiltration, and more. Both presentations include instructions for engaging students in discussion and small group activities.

Versions in Spanish are also included for the module documents. 

For orientation purposes Nanofiltration_Module - Nano-Link.docx is included as a separate attachment and offers a sample of the type of material included in this module. 

Below is a list of the files contained within the .zip attachments. The size of each file is included in parenthesis. 

Nanofiltration (4 files, 8.8 MB)

  • NanoFiltration Background Slides (NanoFiltration Background Slides - Nano-Link.pptx 5.2 MB)
  • Water Contaminant Cards (Nanofiltration Cards - Nano-Link.pptx 3.4 MB) 
  • Nanofiltration Module (Nanofiltration_Module - Nano-Link.docx 199 KB)

Nanofiltration (Spanish) (7 files, 27.6 MB)

  • Nanofiltración (Nanofiltración - Nano-Link.docx 166 KB)
  • Nanofiltración (Nanofiltración - Nano-Link.pdf 401 KB)
  • Nanofiltración (Nanofiltración - Nano-Link.pptx 14.8 MB)
  • Nanofiltración (Presentación - Nanofiltración - Nano-Link.pdf 5.1 MB)
  • Tarjetas: Contaminantes en el agua Nanofiltración Actividad 1 (Tarjetas - Nanofiltración - Nano-Link.pdf 3.1 MB)
  • Tarjetas: Contaminantes en el agua Nanofiltración Actividad 1 (Tarjetas - Nanofiltración - Nano-Link.pptx 4.1 MB)    
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