ATE Central Tools & Services

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ATE Central acts as an information hub for the National Science Foundation ATE grantee community, providing an online portal of resources that help showcase the full range of valuable curriculum, professional development materials, videos, and learning objects created through the ATE program.  We also provide a range of tools and services, designed with community input, that support and amplify the work of the ATE community.  

  • ATE 101
    Our ATE 101 pages collect key material on building a resource collection, connecting with ATE Central, and developing outreach strategies.  Additionally, they present guidelines on issues like web site accessibility, data management plans, and other topics likely to be of practical use to present and prospective ATE PIs and project staff.
  • Events Calendar 
    ATE Central brings together event information from all ATE projects and centers and aggregates that information into a single calendar.  The Events Calendar includes events sponsored and attended by members of the community, as well as outside conferences and webinars that pertain to advanced technological education in general. 
  • ATE Central Connection
    The ATE Central Connection (ACC) is an electronic publication distributed to the ATE community on the first Monday of each month.  The ACC contains information about upcoming events, news, and reminders of interest to ATE project and center PIs and staff; highlights an ATE project or center of note; and features ATE resources around a specific topic.
  • Outreach Kit
    The ATE Outreach Kit is an online workbook designed to help ATE community members develop an outreach plan for their projects and centers.  By taking users through a series of steps (identifying core messages, defining target audiences, establishing a promotion timeframe, etc.) the kit provides step-by-step instruction to help with planning and management.
  • Activity Reports
    Quarterly Activity Reports gather quantitative data from the ATE Central portal about resource usage, provide ATE PIs and staff with a picture of the overall impact of their individual resources, and aggregate resource usage for the community. An annual Activity Report is provided each January.
  • Sustainability Services
    ATE Central Sustainability Services, provided in conjunction with Ithaka S&R, offer a series of workshops and webinars on sustainability to help projects and centers navigate the challenging terrain of defining what sustainability means to them and create a workable sustainability plan to help determine how to preserve and continue their valuable ATE work.
  • Archiving Services
    The ATE Central archiving service aims to help with the long-term preservation of deliverables for the ATE community.  Now a requirement for ATE projects and centers, archiving with ATE Central helps ensure the valuable work done by project and center staff is accessible after funding sunsets.
  • Social Media and Technology Survey
    ATE Central, in collaboration with EvaluATE and members of the ATE community, is conducting an ATE social media and technology survey for ATE grantee audiences in the spring of 2015 and 2017.  The results of the survey will provide a snapshot for projects and centers of how their various audiences are using social media and technology as well as an aggregate picture of the community as a whole.
  • ATE Impacts Book
    The ATE Impacts book and blog are intended to inform educators, college administrators, industry partners, students and parents about ATE's important work preparing technicians for employment in advanced technology fields, as well as improving the skills of educators who teach aspiring and incumbent technicians. Key audiences for the project also include elected officials, community college presidents, business and industry leaders, and ATE principal investigators.
  • ATE PI Meeting App
    The ATE PI Conference app helps attendees organize conference information, allowing them to create personal agendas and to keep track of the sessions and showcases they wish to attend. In addition, the app will help attendees manage the valuable contacts they make at the conference—all conveniently from a mobile device.