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This collection, provided by the National Center for Optics and Photonics Education (OP-TEC), includes student outreach brochures for military personnel and Veterans. A brochure is included for the following United States military branches: the Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marines. These brochures include "information about photonics technology, photonics careers, photonics enabled fields, photonics program information, and a list of military occupational specialties that are a good fit for photonics careers." These brochures are "customizable for colleges to insert their program and contact information."

The collection includes two .zip attachments and two Word documents. The attachment includes a PDF example brochure for each military branch; customizable sections are outlined in red. A customizable InDesign file is also included for each brochure. The 0-Archive of Images Used in Veterans includes files for the images contained in the brochures. 

Two Word documents are also included that show how to customize and fold the brochures. 

Below is a list of files included in the attachments. The size of each file is included in parenthesis.

0-Archive of Images Used in Veterans Brochures (22 files, 66.3 MB)

  • (_mg_6720 Chris Moulton.jpg 957 KB)
  • (1.jpg 957 KB)
  • (3.jpg 1.3 MB)
  • (4.jpg 1.6 MB)
  • (BU001704.jpg 1.3 MB)
  • (CNC Laser Metal Cutting_iStock_000010313325Medium.jpg 1.6 MB)
  • (DSCN0005.JPG 1.2 MB)
  • Edited RH_Brandon.jpg 1.7 MB)
  • (ILS Console_Tyler and Robert.jpg 1.6 MB)
  • (iStock_000011964191_Large (COURSE 2 A and B).jpg 10.5 MB)
  • (Johnson 1 (original).jpg 270 KB)
  • Johnson 2 (original).JPG 693 KB)
  • (Lab1Laser.jpg 66 KB)
  • (Lasers_IHCC-11x14-vertical.pdf 17 MB)
  • (OP-TEC_Impact2014_Student_2_HiRes_rh.jpg 3.4 MB)
  • (Picture 001.jpg 3.8 MB)
  • (Slider.jpg 4.8 MB)
  • (Students Setting up laser projection lab.jpg 1.9 MB)
  • (TSTC-LET 08.JPG 4.1 MB)
  • (TSTC-LET 27.jpg 3.9 MB)
  • (TSTC-LET 57.jpg 3.7 MB)

MOS_Brochure_Examples (10 files, 39.1 MB)

  • Air Force Military Occupational Specialties (MOS_Brochure_AIR_FORCE_3-Fold_Example.pdf 1.8 MB)
  • Air Force Military Occupational Specialties (MOS_Brochure_AIR_FORCE_3-Fold.indd 9.6 MB)
  • Army Military Occupational Specialties (MOS_Brochure_ARMY_4-FOLD_Brochure_Example.pdf 2.2 MB)
  • Army Military Occupational Specialties (MOS_Brochure_ARMY_4-FOLD_Brochure.indd 6 MB)
  • Marines Military Occupational Specialties (MOS_Brochure_Marines_4-Fold_Example.pdf 2.2 MB)
  • Marines Military Occupational Specialties (MOS_Brochure_MARINES_4-Fold.indd 6 MB)
  • Navy Military Occupational Specialties (MOS_Brochure_NAVY_3-Fold _Example.pdf 1.9 MB)
  • Navy Military Occupational Specialties(MOS_Brochure_NAVY_3-Fold.indd 9.3 MB)
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